back Inventory Inax Slitbeet SBT2  

Architectural Ceramic
72 × 72 × 7mmmm
Square Metres
9 m2 available
100 piece(s)
300×300 sheet
100 s, each $89.60/, $77.70/m2 excl. gst
Slitbeet 2.jpg

Terms & Conditions

Listing is current as of February 2023 – Contact us to confirm availability.

  • Price shown exclude GST.
  • Discounted prices of Specials apply to specific current stock shown while it remains available.
  • Sizes, quantities and arrival dates shown are approximate. 
  • Local and/or interstate delivery is not included in prices.
  • An example stone slab size is shown. Stone slabs may vary between the block.
  • No further discounts will be applied to the already discounted prices of Specials shown.
  • All stone slabs sold as is and should be inspected in person. We have made comments where we have noticed damage but can’t guarantee any slab to be free of flaws.
  • Normal terms & conditions of supply applies.