The New Greys: Pietra Grey & Neptune

Elegant and edgy, grey is the versatile neutral that can complement any design scheme. This month, we introduce two beautiful new greys to the award-winning Maximum range.

Maximum Marmi Pietra Grey Polished Floor.jpg

Marmi Pietra Grey polished floor

Maximum Marmi Pietra Grey Polished 2.jpg

Marmi Pietra Grey polished feature wall

Maximum Marmi Pietra Grey Matt bathroom 2.jpg

Marmi Pietra Grey matt bathroom

Maximum Marmi Pietra Grey Polished and Michelangelo Polished.jpg

Maximum Pietra Grey polished and Michelangelo Polished

Maximum Aster Neptune Floor.jpg

Maximum Neptune.

Maximum Aster Neptune Floor 4.jpg

Maximum Neptune.

Maximum Aster Neptune Floor 3.jpg

Maximum Neptune.

Pietra Grey is the highly anticipated addition to the natural-stone inspired Marmi range. The sought-after style of Pietra Grey marble has been beautifully captured in Maximum’s unique 3000 × 1500 × 6 mm pressed porcelain panels.

Using leading-edge technology and superb production techniques, Graniti Fiandre Italy has created the unmistakable look of this sophisticated marble with its warm grey-brown background and fine white feathered veining available in a polished or matt finish.

At the cooler end of the grey spectrum, Neptune’s alluring dark-grey tone has been designed exclusively for the Australian market to provide the perfect base for any interior or exterior design project. As part of the innovative, textured Aster range, Neptune has a subtle brushed effect inspired by concrete with a colour the resembles that of true Italian Bluestones and is available in a matt finish and is available only through Maximum Australia and official distributors.

Extra large, fine profile, light, versatile, durable, environmentally friendly, UV stable, cost-effective and easy to clean, Maximum porcelain panels have been developed to outperform quarry materials on both technical and practical levels, opening up a wide set of applications from floors, walls and bench tops through to partitions and external cladding.