Agape 369 Indoor/Outdoor Shelves and Accessories

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Agape 369 Towel holder

369 is a complete range of accessories, designed to satisfy any installation and use, in a rigorously contemporary style.

Recasting their modern classics with a skilful mix of grace and conviction, Agape takes their designs outdoors, immersing daily bathing and washing rituals amongst nature.

The range includes outdoor-friendly versions of some of the brand’s most iconic pieces designed in-house and by a coterie of renowned, award-wining International designers. Revisited to sync with their exterior surrounds via the durability of their material qualities, use or innovation, the new collection also features innovative new line releases. Above all, their finishes and hues are highly considered to harmonise with the tones and textures of their surroundings and, ever versatile, are equally suited to indoor use.

The accessories in the 369 range are made from polished or satin-finished stainless steel, with white Cristalplant® biobased elements.

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Stainless Steel


Product Code Width Height Depth
120mm Shelf A369231 120mm 50mm 120mm
360mm Shelf A369232 360mm 50mm 120mm
480mm Shelf A369233 480mm 50mm 120mm
600mm Shelf A369234 600mm 50mm 120mm
360mm Support Element or Towel Holder A369200 360mm 50mm 120mm
480mm Support Element or Towel Holder A369201 480mm 50mm 120mm
600mm Support Element or Towel Holder A369202 600mm 50mm 120mm
240mm Support Element with Shelf A369204 240mm 150mm 120mm
360mm Support Element with Shelf A369205 360mm 150mm 120mm
480mm Support Element with Shelf A369206 480mm 150mm 120mm
360mm Twin Towel Holder A369207 360mm 50mm 120mm
480mm Twin Towel Holder A369208 480mm 50mm 120mm
600mm Twin Towel Holder A369209 600mm 50mm 120mm
Waste Paper Basket A369217 240mm 320mm 120mm
Clothes Hanger A369223 30mm 50mm 43mm
Soap Dispenser A369224 76mm 150mm 76mm


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Satin Stainless Steel

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Polished Stainless Steel