Le Corbusier Tokyo Gris Clair 31

The Tokyo collection is inspired by the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo, designed by Le Corbusier in 1955. The porcelain panels have a soft, speckled appearance and are available in six colours.

Gris Clair 31; The pearl grey. Weakly luminescent and airy. The third mural `Velvet ? shade.


The influence of Le Corbusier, a pioneer of modern architecture in the twentieth century, has been wide ranging, including the Le Corbusier LCS Ceramics collection, available exclusively at Artedomus.

LCS Ceramics is based on Le Corbusier’s use of reinforced concrete in architecture, which came to be known as béton brut, and his Polychromie Architecturale system, which explores how colour can affect spaces and people.

The collection includes béton brut-inspired finishes, glazed colours, tiles engraved with linear bas relief, speckled and textured surfaces.

Finish (slip rating)

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Le Corbusier LCS Tokyo Gris Clair 31.jpg

Le Corbusier LCS Tokyo Gris Clair 31


Product Width Height Thickness
Le Corbusier Tokyo 2500mm 1190mm 6mm
Le Corbusier Tokyo 1190mm 1190mm 6mm
Le Corbusier Tokyo 1190mm 594mm 6mm
Le Corbusier Tokyo 296mm 296mm 6mm