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O.LC Range of Towel Holders and Stool

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Agape O.LC Shelves and Accessories

The O.LC. range of accessories in polished brass and stainless steel. Accessories made of chromed brass. Containers in polished stainless steel.

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Stainless Steel


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O.LC Shelves and Accessories

Agape Accessories O.LC Range.jpg

O.LC Range of Towel Holders and Stool

Agape O.LC Towel Holder Round.jpg

O.LC Towel Holder Round

Agape O.LC Stool.jpg

O.LC Stool

Agape O.LC Range 2.jpg

O.LC Range


Agape Colour finish Polished Stainless Steel.jpg

Polished Stainless Steel


Product Code Width Height Depth
Soap Holder AOLC0836S 110mm 35mm 123mm
Toothbrush Holder AOLC0837S 110mm 105mm 123mm
300mm Towel Holder AOLC0833S Fixing centres at 282mm 300mm 90mm
430mm Towel Holder AOLC0815S Fixing centres at 390mm 430mm 90mm
600mm Towel Holder AOLC0816S Fixing centres at 582mm 600mm 90mm
Towel Holder Round AOLC0817S 190mm 65mm
Towel Holder Double Pivoting AOLC0881S 390mm 121mm
Towel Holder Multi AOLC0840S Fixing centres at 622mm 640mm 709mm 90mm
Towel Holder Free-standing AOLC0818S 420mm 800mm
Clothes Hook AOLC0841S 85mm
Toilet Roll Holder Single AOLC0844S Fixing centres at 138mm 156mm 151mm
Toilet Roll Holder Double AOLC0845S Fixing centres at 138mm and 138mm 294mm 151mm
Toilet Roll Container AOLC0829S 130mm 200mm
Toilet Brush Holder AOLC0846S 123mm 325mm
Magazine Holder AOLC0828S 280mm 280mm 118mm top right corner and 75mm bottom left corner
Stool AOLC0827S 450mm 450mm 250mm

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