Cotto Manetti Albi & Suni Coffee Tables

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Cotto Manetti Albi and Suni coffee tables are made entirely from Terracotta.

The warm colours of the clay make them ideal as outdoor furniture and complement any natural surrounding.

Pursuing the idea of a single-material object, Albi and Suni are designed in two different sizes, have a self-supporting conical shape, an archetypal design that suggests solidity and a flared opening to help manoeuvre the tables.

The Manetti family has been producing terracotta for eight generations. Located in Ferrone, Italy, they produce exceptional quality terracotta tiles in strict compliance with the ancient traditions of Impruneta. The experience they have acquired in three centuries combined with the uniqueness of the clay used results in a material with distinctive characteristics in colour, resistance and robustness.

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Width Depth Height
Manetti x Interno Italiano Albi Table 550mmØ 300mm
Manetti x Interno Italiano Suni Table 350mmØ 500mm


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Cotto Manetti Naturale