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Palagio TerraSound One

Acoustic cladding, created in collaboration with the Florence University of Studies, that combines both aesthetic and acoustic performance to the highest possible level.


The terracotta panels can assume an acoustic value thanks to a series of cavities which allow the sound wave to dissipate its energy into heat, and consequently granting relevant sound absorbing characteristics.

The performance of acoustic absorption can be further improved through the insertion of fibrous material into the cavity, increasing the maximum sound absorption at frequencies close to those of resonance.

Experimental research has also led to the use of sound-absorbing clay panels for the acoustic correction in auditoriums or concert halls.

In particular the use of sound absorbing clay panels such as louver elements, if properly dimensioned, can provide a significant improvement of sound insulation from outside noises, protecting at the same time the interiors even with open windows, especially on the upper floors of a building.



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Palagio TerraSound One.jpg

TerraSound One

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TerraSound System


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Impruneta F01N

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Impruneta F01G

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Impruneta 250N


Width Height Depth Sound Absorption Index
592mm 292mm 28mm a w = 0.22 for indoor and use