Agape Vieques 500mm Indoor/Outdoor High Basin

Vieques has given rise to an increasingly complete and constantly evolving family of products: a 500mm high countertop washbasin that can also be placed in open spaces in direct exposure to atmospheric agents.


Made of stainless steel with a white internal finish and white, light grey or dark grey exterior.

The Vieques basin can be accessorised with an iroko wood shelf to place on the edge of the basin. Vieques is also available in a 190mm high countertop version and a pedestal version.

Recasting their modern classics with a skilful mix of grace and conviction, Agape takes their designs outdoors, immersing daily bathing and washing rituals amongst nature.

The range includes outdoor-friendly versions of some of the brand’s most iconic pieces designed in-house and by a coterie of renowned, award-wining International designers. Revisited to sync with their exterior surrounds via the durability of their material qualities, use or innovation, the new collection also features innovative new line releases. Above all, their finishes and hues are highly considered to harmonise with the tones and textures of their surroundings and, ever versatile, are equally suited to indoor use.


Patricia Urquiola

Stainless Steel


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Vieques ACER0799EP


Agape Colour finish White.jpg


Agape Colour finish White - White / Light Grey.jpg

White / Light Grey

Agape Colour finish White / Dark Grey.jpg

White / Dark Grey


Product Code Height Diameter
Vieques 500mm High Basin ACER0799EP 500mm 435mm


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