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AgapeCasa Eros table.jpg

Agapecasa Eros

Designed by Angelo Mangiarotti in 1971, the structural design of the Eros tables incorporate a gravity-based embedding between the table top and leg made possible by the truncated-conical design of the leg itself. This allows the table top to lock in position and the weight of the material makes an even tighter fitting and increases the overall stability of the entire structure.

This system is envisaged in various different forms and sized tables, each with its own special embedding with no joints or clamps. The elegant design of the eyelets along the rims and corners of the table tops results in a sophisticated detail and distinctive feature of this authentic piece of structural invention.


Agapecasa is a unique collaboration between Studio Mangiarotti and leading Italian bathware company Agape. Agapecasa extends the Agape vision with original pieces including chairs, tables & storage units, that are refined, functional and modern conceived by an extraordinary architect whose experimentation established new reference parameters in typology, form and construction.

Rectangular and oval tables can also be customised on request.


Angelo Mangiarotti





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Bianco Carrara

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Nero Marquina

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