The Expert Series

How to Use Terracotta in Your Home

Emerging from an Italian family business, Manetti Terracotta from Artedomus captures centuries of success.

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How to Use Stone in Your Bathrooms

Utilising natural stone by Artedomus, Olive Cooke and Henry Tervenski bring their vision of an elegant home to life, one inclined towards the raw and the robust.

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How to Use INAX Ceramics in your home

With rich hues and exquisite glazing, the Japanese ceramics from INAX’s Yohen Border and custom Yosai Border collections were the perfect fit in the restoration of the historical Captain Kelly’s Cottage.

The Expert Series

The Artedomus Expert Series: Active 2.0

ACTIVE 2.0 is a revolutionary photocatalytic surface that is antiviral, antibacterial and anti-odour.

Active 2.0 reduces indoor nitrogen oxide and VOC levels, kills viruses including COVID-19, and its self-cleaning properties ensure ease of maintenance, reflecting the need for product performance to deliver beyond its physical appearance.

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The External Environment

Hear from our experts to learn about how architectural ceramics, porcelain panels and natural stone can perform practically and aesthetically over a long period of time, providing a strong and safe solution to external applications.

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Natural Stone Care

Natural stone requires some care and maintenance. Hear our experts discuss how to look after your stone.

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Types of Stone

Whether its marble, quartzite or travertine, choosing the right stone for your application is crucial to design and performance. It’s important to ascertain what you want from your stone and carefully consider durability and patina.

In our Expert Series on Types of Stone we delve into the essential information you need to consider in your decision.

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Artedomus is the customisation expert. Customisation is key to creating unique architecture and design. Artedomus works closely with its suppliers to offer customised products for architects and designers so they can create stand-out designs.

In our Expert Series, you’ll learn about the possibilities of customisation, and the suppliers and products that offer it.

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Cotto Manetti Terracotta

Terracotta has proven to be a timeless and versatile surface that is equally at home in the Uffizi Museum and Duomo in Florence, as in an old Tuscan villa or a modern Australian house.

While terracotta’s burnt-orange hue has long been a classic, the broader and contemporary range of colours produced by Cotto Manetti is seeing terracotta transcend the traditional to offer a new palette of timeless surfaces.

In our Expert Series, you’ll learn about Cotto Manetti; what makes Manetti Terracotta unique, durable and sustainable; and how the products can be customised.

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Why Artedomus is a trusted name in sustainability. Sustainability has long been an important consideration of architecture and design, but the 2019-20 bushfires in Australia shed a light on sustainability concerns more than ever.

As a trusted name in sustainability, Artedomus is committed to operating in the best interests of the environment, both in its business operations and its partnerships with suppliers.

In our Expert Series, you’ll learn about how Artedomus has implemented sustainability practices and works with suppliers who are environmentally responsible.

The Expert Series: Japan

Episode 1 — Beginning

Welcome to Japan. Episode 1 introduces the series and sets the scene, introducing the Artedomus team and exploring their love of Japan and motivation for filming the most recent visit.

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Episode 2 — History

The Rich History of Mosaics in Japan. Episode 2 delves into the Japanese tradition of ceramics, which is one of the oldest in the world.

This long tradition is reflected in the architecture and design throughout Japan, and the way in which it has evolved over the centuries.

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Episode 3 — Symbolism

The Use and Symbolism of Tiles in Japan Today.
In Japan, not only do tiles have applications far beyond those that familiar in Western architecture and design, but the products themselves expand the definition of a tile.

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Episode 4 — Process

The Manufacturing Process & Engineering Elements.

The process by which natural clay is transformed into a beautiful and durable tile is the result of a manufacturing process that has its roots in centuries-old techniques.

In a testament to the value of these traditional manufacturing methods, many factories in Japan today continue to use technologies and equipment that are very old.

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Episode 5 — Beauty

The Natural Beauty of Japanese Tiles. In Episode 5 explores the influence of ‘wabi-sabi’, the Japanese principle of beauty in imperfection, and how this is seen in INAX ceramics.

The subtle variation and layers of texture and colour that characterise these ceramics are intrinsic to the design and manufacturing processes, many of which are specific to individual family-owned ceramics factories.

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Episode 6 — Customisation

The Customisation of Tiles. Episode 6 delves into how the close relationship with the INAX factories enables Artedomus to give Australian architects and designers unparalleled access to custom ceramics, and how the development of custom tiles has, in turn, informed the development of new ranges.

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Episode 7 — Connection

Artedomus’ Connection to the INAX Factories. Key to the successful relationship between Artedomus and INAX is the connection to the individual factories themselves.

With many factories being family-owned operations that work with INAX as their global distributor, visiting the factories has led to the cultivation of warm and productive relationships.

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Episode 8 — Ending

Journey’s End. Coming to the end of a week-long visit to the Japan exploring the factories, traditions and uses of tiles in Japanese architecture and design, the Artedomus team is invigorated and excited to bring what they’ve seen and discovered back home to Australia.

The Expert Series

Listen to our experts answer some frequently asked questions about our products and share an insight into the world of Artedomus

Episode 1 — About Artedomus

Our experts share some insights into the world of Artedomus. They share the history of Artedomus, what the future holds for us and what makes us and our vast range of products so unique in the industry.

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Episode 2 — Natural Stone

Our experts answer some frequently asked questions about stone including what is natural stone, what are some of the strengths as an architectural surface and why it is a popular material used in Australia.

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Episode 3 — Porcelain Panels

Our experts answer some questions about our porcelain panels including the strengths of porcelain as an architectural surface and what makes Artedomus’ range of porcelain panels so technologically advanced.

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Episode 4 — Inax

Our experts answer some frequently asked questions about our range of Japanese ceramics; Inax.

They explain the qualities that make Inax ceramics so unique and why there is nothing else like it in the market.

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Episode 5 — Agape

Our experts explain the history behind our Italian bathware brand, Agape and share what makes these products so unique and special and why they are more than traditional bathroom fixtures and fittings.

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Episode 6 — Elba

Our experts discuss our favourite Elba stone and why it is one of a kind. They explain what sets our Elba apart from other inferior stones on the market and discuss the inaugural New Volumes™ collection made from Elba.

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Episode 7 — Architectural Ceramics

Our experts answer some frequently asked questions about our range of Japanese architectural ceramics by Inax.

They explain the unique qualities and applications of architectural ceramics.

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Episode 8 — Natural vs Engineered Stone

In this video we explain the differences between natural stone and engineered stone, the common misconceptions between the two and the shortcomings of engineered and synthetic stone products.