About Artedomus

Our experts share some insights into the world of Artedomus. They share the history of Artedomus, what the future holds for us and what makes us and our vast range of products so unique in the industry.

Artedomus is an architectural finishes business. We started more than 30 years ago with furniture and stone and have progressed to offer a very broad range of architectural finish products. We work nationally with four showrooms and four warehouses across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. This is a unique offering in terms of our industry as there are not many companies out there that do the breadth of products we do, in all the cities we do.

One of our driving philosophies at Artedomus is to inspire. To inspire architects, designers and anyone who is interested in design and interested in the products we bring in. Our goal is to inspire those who design.

Offering timeless products is very important to us at Artedomus. We do not like to be driven by trends and what in considered in fashion at the time. We are constantly looking for something that is new and something that is different. By closely monitoring other markets around the world, we are forever looking for the next thing that is going to keep our clients interested but also keep ourselves interested.

We are always trying to look forward and not look back. We bring in brands and products that do the same thing; brands like Agape, Inax, the unique stone that we supply. We discover or create new and interesting things and share them with the Australian public.

At Artedomus, we don’t see ourselves as being a supplier of tiles or a supplier of bathware. We see ourselves as being part of the design industry.