Our experts discuss our favourite Elba stone and why it is one of a kind. They explain what sets our Elba apart from other inferior stones on the market and discuss the inaugural New Volumes™ collection made from Elba.

We introduced Elba to the Australian market 15 years ago. There is an unfortunate practice in our industry where anyone people can call any stone they like, any name they like. As such, there were a lot of inferior stones on the market being called Elba but the actual Elba is only available from us and has only ever been available from us.
Elba is unique and there is no other stone that looks anything like it. All the other quarries around the Elba quarry look like the typical Greek white marble but this particular hill is different. This hill has marble that is darker, bluer, stronger and far more interesting.

Elba is extremely resilient. It has a high percentage of dolomite which makes it useful for a wide range of applications. This very robust stone is not susceptible to staining or scratching, which makes it perfect for use as kitchen bench tops, bathrooms and commercial lobbies. Elba can also be used externally. Our sandblasted tiles are suitable for flooring outside and we have clad houses in Elba slabs. It is entirely suitable to use as a cladding material as it is strong and not susceptible to deterioration from sun, wind or weather generally.

Elba is extremely popular due its reliable functional attributes but also for obvious aesthetic reasons. It is something different to the standard Carrara and Calacatta seen in the market. It is unique as it can work universally with a number of different palettes. Both cool and warm tones can be paired with Elba and sometimes the stone shows a subtle pink tone they you can’t really expose until you put it with the right colours.

New Volumes™ is Artedomus’ first collection of products that we presented to the market and developed ourselves. We engaged 8 Australian designers to work with our Elba to make beautiful objects and furniture pieces for the home.
Elba remains exclusive to Artedomus.