How to use stone in bathrooms

Utilising natural stone by Artedomus, Olive Cooke and Henry Tervenski bring their vision of an elegant home to life, one inclined towards the raw and the robust.

Base Camp Ewingsdale uses natural stone to individually define the main bathroom and master ensuite, employing natural materials to evoke a tranquil atmosphere.

In the crafting of Base Camp Ewingsdale, Olive Cooke and Henry Tervenski used natural stone to encourage a dialogue between the internal and external environment, allowing each space to enhance the soothing qualities of the other. Combining with textures such as fabric, timber and plaster, the natural stone contributes to a subtle material palette underpinned by a surprising sense of durability. The cohesive range of tactile elements in the home openly embraces the Australian climate whilst presenting an effortless aesthetic. Inhered with character, natural stone often forms the most decisive and influential aspect of an interior design, enabling an intuitive approach for the remainder of the scheme to follow.

The main bathroom of Base Camp Ewingsdale features Travertine Zena. Typically, Artedomus procures unfilled travertine that allows clients the freedom to treat the stone as they wish. In this home, the result sees a neutral-toned grout applied, seamlessly blending the joints between the tiles, as well as the holes in the travertine itself. With its stone edges visually blurred by the grout, the bathroom proposes a feeling of softness in pleasing contrast to its solid tactility. A stone-covered niche exemplifies the consistency of the material palette, complemented by simple fluted glass to create a secluded and sanctuary-like experience.

A palladiana-style surface treatment is championed in the master ensuite. Large pieces of natural stone are joined to smaller, connective pieces, creating a visually dynamic and unified image. Olive and Henry select a grey grout to function as a meeting point between the various tones. Present in the floor, roman bath and a singular wall, the striking array of stones juxtaposes a white painted wall and ceiling, refreshing the interior whilst emphasising the geometric character of the space. The addition of an over-scaled window sees natural light articulate the fine details of the stonework, allowing for dynamic light play to animate and brighten the bathroom.

Highly experienced in the application of natural stone, Artedomus offers expertise in application and maintenance. When creating stone niches, as in Base Camp Ewingsdale, it is advisable to angle the space plate to allow water to flow out of the niche without intervention. Mindful designers may tilt the shower floor to install a strip drain, a discreet means of clearing waste that is often preferred to the unsightly centralised drainage option. Entailing a higher maintenance obligation than porcelain tile, natural stone must be sealed and, later, resealed in response to the wet climate of the bathroom. As such, acidic and caustic cleaning products should be avoided, dismissed in favour of a PH-neutral option that does not harm the polish of the stone nor the effectiveness of the sealer. If properly maintained, natural stone can stand the test of time and aesthetically surpass artificial alternatives. Under warming sunlight, the material establishes a gentle, calming atmosphere, replicating the tranquil quality of the outdoors.

With an expansive range of tiles and slabs, Artedomus can provide the best natural stone for any design. Capitalising on the Artedomus offering, Olive and Henry create bathrooms that maximise the potential of natural stone in Base Camp Ewingsdale, injecting a connection the natural into the private spaces of their home.