How to use INAX ceramics

With rich hues and exquisite glazing, the Japanese ceramics from INAX’s Yohen Border and custom Yosai Border collections were the perfect fit in the restoration of the historical Captain Kelly’s Cottage.

With the use of these tiles, John Wardle Architects brings the historic style of Japanese ceramics into the contemporary sphere.

John Wardle Architects showcases the Japanese ceramics seamlessly throughout the build. The burnished bronze tone from the Sairin collection is used throughout the kitchen, in the fireplace hearth and to create a custom-made coffee table. The Yohen Border tiles then provide an artful final touch. Installed as a mosaic, the Yohen Border collection is featured behind the Agape Cheese and Nivis Basins on the bathroom walls, outside of the wash closet and in a custom writing desk.

Featured in the cottage in a luxuriously rich tone, the Japanese ceramics give dimension and maturity to the home. Unusual in shape, the three-dimensional tiles are traditionally used in exteriors but the incorporation of Japanese ceramics into interior aesthetics has been growing in popularity. Showing their versatility and akin to the material palette of the Japanese earthenware and pottery seen throughout the house, the Yohen Border tiles are also installed as a piece of art encompassed by a timber frame.

Made complete with tiles by Artedomus, Captain Kelly’s Cottage has won international awards in design. The Japanese ceramics create the perfect meeting point between old and new, delicately providing the build with the perfect balance between rustic masonry and contemporary design. Artedomus works with all clients at the project design stage to ensure that the perfect symbiosis between product and project is met.