New Volumes Semper Vase by Dale Hardiman and Napoleon and Josephine mortar and pestle by Sarah King with nau furniture items. Styled by Heather Nette King. Photographed by Mike Baker.jpg
INAX Renga Border Japanese mosaic splashback with New Volumes Napoleon & Josephine mortar & pestle. The Expansive Kitchen by Kennedy Nolan. Laminex Campaign with creative direction by Ortolan, photography by Derek Swalwell and styling by Natalie James.jp

Napoleon & Josephine c/o Sarah King

Used in kitchens for thousands of years, there remains a no more satisfyingly primal way to mix dry ingredients than a mortar and pestle. King’s take on the kitchen staple is distinctly sculptural, while the natural heaviness of Elba makes for an extra solid base and pleasingly weighty pestle. Together, they make an extra-effective pairing.

Collections for the home and office by Artedomus, New Volumes explores and pushes the boundaries of a single natural material. For each collection, we select a distinct assembly of designers to bring the material to life.


Collection 01 explores Elba: a rich, complex stone 250 million years in the making. A material with a story, cut by machine and finished by hand into an object whose story is yet to be written. The result is collection of products that are sincere, serene and strong. Designs that will inspire and enhance the everyday.


Sarah King




Australian Designed

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Width Height
Mortar ø175mm 110mm
Pestle ø65mm 150mm


Artedomus Expert Series: Episode 6 — Elba

Our experts discuss our favourite Elba stone and why it is one of a kind. They explain what sets our Elba apart from other inferior stones on the market and discuss the inaugural New Volumes™ collection made from Elba.