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Yohen Border YB22. Freshwater Place Apartment designed by John Wardle Architects.jpg
Yohen Border YB32 (FKA YB103) splash back. Designed by Hecker Guthrie. Photography by Shannon McGrath..jpg
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Inax Yohen Border

This exquisite tile with its gently variegated tones and glazed finish is a beautifully crafted, architectural ceramic inspired by the the earthen tones of traditional Japanese pottery and a traditional Japanese confectionery known as yohkan.

Yohen Border was developed in the early 2000s by INAX in Japan. INAX has a long, rich history based in Japanese ceramic craftsmanship and expertise. Founded after producing the terracotta for Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Imperial Hotel, which opened in Tokyo in 1923, INAX is recognized for its innovative range of interior and exterior architectural ceramics that embody superb manufacturing and leading designs by traditional artisans. All INAX tiles are available in a variety of unique colours and are exclusive to Artedomus.



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Inax Yohen Border YB1.jpg

Yohen Border YB1

Inax Yohen Border YB2.jpg

Yohen Border YB2

Inax Yohen Border YB4.jpg

Yohen Border YB4

Inax Yohen Border YB11.jpg

Yohen Border YB11

Inax Yohen Border YB12.jpg

Yohen Border YB12

Yohen Border YB14.jpg

Yohen Border YB14

Yohen Border YB14G.jpg

Yohen Border YB14G

Inax Yohen Border YB15.jpg

Yohen Border YB15

Yohen Border YB15B.jpg

Yohen Border YB15B

Yohen Border YB21.jpg

Yohen Border YB21

Yohen Border YB22.jpg

Yohen Border YB22

Yohen Border YB23.jpg

Yohen Border YB23

Yohen Border YB-102.jpg

Yohen Border YB102

Inax Yohen Border YB32 (FKA YB103) .jpg

Yohen Border YB32 (FKA YB103)

Yohen Border YBNA04.jpg

Yohen Border YBNA04

Inax Yohen Border YB-NA07.jpg

Yohen Border YBNA07


Product Code Size/piece Size/sheet Thickness Qty/m 2 Qty/carton Weight/carton
Yohen Border 98×12.5mm 300×300mm 6mm 11.5 sheets 22 sheets 20kg
  • Installation Material and grouting: Adhesive, Grouting
  • Colour difference may occur between samples and actual batch.
  • Has colour variation.
  • Water-proofing adhesive is required for bathroom wall installation.


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