About Us

Artedomus is Australia’s leading supplier of unique, high quality stone, tiles, architectural surfaces, bathware and furniture for commercial and residential architectural projects.

Founded in 1985 as Domus Ceramics, the company was built to import exclusive Italian floor and wall finishes to Australia with a focus on sourcing unique products that have a simple and natural intrinsic beauty; shunning short-term fashion and trends. As a result with this philosophy and outstanding product offering; Domus soon became a source of reference and inspiration for leading architects and designers.

Experts in sourcing unique stones, tiles and architectural surfaces.
We have been searching for, and sourcing, unique stones, tiles, architectural surfaces and products from around the world and introducing them to Australia for 35 years. Some of the most beautiful and widely recognised marbles, limestones and sandstones in the design market today including Isernia, Bedonia and Elba have been favoured by leading architects and designers for their depth of colour, unique markings and distinctive natural qualities, all originally identified by Artedomus. With passion and expert understanding, we appreciate the power a unique natural product has to transform any design project into a singular work of art.

Find us in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.
With showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, Artedomus continues to bring beautiful, unique interior and exterior finishes to the Australian market. We are also the exclusive supplier of the innovative INAX range of mosaics and architectural ceramics from Japan, the iconic Agape Italy bathware range, the Mangiarotti designed Agapecasa furniture range and Le Corbusier LCS Ceramics.

Our highly experienced team is here to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.
Our people are as important as our products, and just as unique. They are passionate about design and love nothing more than finding the right solution for your project. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

Find out a little more about a few of our team members below.

Our People


Phil Brenton

Managing Director

Phil was born on a farm in Kansas, NZ, and grew up dreaming of being a fireman or a rodeo clown. As he developed into manhood he realised his physique was better suited to selling tiles and stone, so he set his dreams aside, hopped on his tractor and drove into Sydney to seek his fortune. Along the way he got a degree and met an ingenious, passionate Sicilian, who took advantage of his innocence and offered him a job in his stone & tile showroom, paying him only in tagliatelle and red wine. After years of wild success and mosaics, the Sicilian handed Phil the keys to the Artedomus family wagon, which he proceeded to drive down the road of time until we have got where we are today. Phil likes cheese, combat Frisbee and living under bridges.


Thomas Coward

Creative Director

Thomas is the creative. He oversees how Artedomus is seen. An international award winning designer of products and interiors, Thomas is a creative strategist, who works across every facet from our showroom designs and event curation to bespoke products. He likes working with Artedomus because, essentially, he says, we like the same things: namely beautiful bathroom furniture and stunning stone. He is from Cornwall in the UK and has a dog called Lewis. He has a great selection of jumpers and drinks a lot of sparkling water.


Yas Bahar

Senior Sales Melbourne

Yas is our resident Persian – American – Canadian engineer. Born in Toronto and raised in Los Angeles she is the youngest of 6 children, so she knows how to make herself heard. Graduating from USC as a Civil Engineer with emphasis in Building Science (Architecture) means she loves solving problems and anything to do with architecture and design. Likes: espresso, Nutella, Game of Thrones and Hello Kitty. Dislikes blue cheese, rude people and Crocs.


Matt Croll

Sydney Sales Manager

Matt has a passion for beautiful natural products. He is also our resident stone expert with a Bachelor Degree in Natural Resources from the University of New England. At Artedomus, we all love stone but Matt LOVES stone. He likes to talk technical and can tell you anything you need to know about our incredible natural products. A Sydney boy through and through, Matt has been a part of the local industry for many years building up a wealth of experience and knowledge: working his way up to Artedomus state manager where he has developed an enviable reputation. It is also worth mentioning that he is possibly one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.


William Pearse

Melbourne Sales Manager

William is our font of knowledge in regard to all things Agape and INAX Japan (where he is affectionately known as “Willie-San”). He’s an enigma with a wicked sense of humour and has a background in design (and banana picking – post uni). He’s extremely discerning, his design knowledge is deep and he is all about unique architectural products that stand the test of time. He also likes to look at instagram on his computer, not his mobile phone.
He often finds the complexity in simple things, but don’t let that put you off calling him. He is amazing at what he does.


William Stransky

Perth Sales Manager

William is a Perth native and Artedomus’ official Renaissance Man. After majoring in Japanese at UWA, he worked in a number of construction, education, service and marble factory roles before settling in Japan. Returning to Perth he came back to the natural stone industry and brings to his position at Artedomus a keen sense of design, balance and refinement fanned by his understanding of the Japanese artistic and cultural aesthetic. An experienced artist in his own right, his vast work experience, widespread socio-economic interaction and Italian heritage makes him passionate about his work, his art, your needs, your projects (and life, generally).


Roger Elliott

Brisbane Sales Manager

Roger has a wealth of experience in the installation of high quality construction materials. Originally trained as a business analyst, he has enjoyed various roles at Artedomus that include estimating, contract administration, project and manufacturing supervision, sales services and more recently business development. So he knows Artedomus and our unique products inside out. He also knows how to achieve the most beautiful results for any project.


Duane Canelas


Duane (not Wayne), despite being born to Portuguese parents, is a true Aussie and has lived in Sydney all his life. He has been working at Artedomus for as long as Yoda has been part of the force. He has completed various roles; in the warehouse, project and manufacturing supervision, and sales. What Duane doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing! His knowledge, along with industry and company experience makes him a true asset to the business.
He is known for his witty sense of humour, which gives him the name of Artedomus’ Comedian.
Things you might not know about Duane; he has an identical twin brother, is a big foodie, avid golfer and met his wife at Artedomus.


Jessica Ryan


Born and bred Brisbane girl, Jess joined the Artedomus family after studying her Bachelor of Interior Design minoring on Graphic Design at QUT. She is super passionate about our beautiful products and loves nothing more than seeing them be brought to life in projects. Jess is our website and graphics monkey and is responsible for the assorted marketing aspects at Artedomus. You can find her in the showroom drinking way too many cups of tea and in her spare time driving (more like repairing…) her old VW Kombi or hanging out with her dog named Teddy.


Kaena Rumeral


Talented in organisation and colour coding spreadsheets, Kaena joined the Artedomus tactical team whilst completing her degree in Interior Architecture at UNSW. Also known as K, Gina, Tina and Karena, Kaena is notoriously known for sourcing brownies, fried chicken and sales ammunition for the Artedomus squad. A reformed shoe addict, she turned her interest to collecting books about architecture and design. She is deeply interested in podcasts and documentaries (but not limited to) crime and stuff you should know.


Brie Shinde


Proudly born in Melbourne, Brie spent half her life between China and India returning to Australia to study Interior Design and Architecture at Swinburne University. At Artedomus she is known as “Briezy” and will always have a hidden supply of chocolate, that’s not for sharing. Her primary responsibility at Artedomus is managing this stock of chocolate, her secondary responsibilities include managing all of the stock, orders and shipments from Agape and INAX. She loves working with these iconic companies and thoroughly enjoys the cultural nuances she experiences dealing with the very Italian staff at Agape and the very Japanese staff at INAX, polar opposites but equally wonderful!


Grant Millar


Grant is our showroom consultant who was born in Adelaide, SA. He comes to work with a smile on his face every single day but underneath his humorous exterior is a man that has no fear. His discipline come from his black belt in Judo and training as a combat engineer. Come and see him, have a chat, take advantage of his knowledge in design. Put your faith in his 20 years experience and the results will blow your mind. He is “Mr Fix It” and always gets things done. Deal with Grant and rest assured he will treat you as his number 1.


Rav Munde


Rav came to Artedomus with over 15 years business development experience in the Architectural and Design environment, so it is only natural he ended up marrying an architect. Born in East Africa, raised and lived in the United Kingdom for 25 years and has now finally found paradise in Australia. At Artedomus Rav works closely with specifiers offering products of intrinsic beauty to ensure projects are completed to a high standard which assists to the deliver the best possible results to mutual clients. Likes, WiFi, Manchester United, Perfection. Dislikes, Liverpool. Lives by the mantra, fail to prepare, prepare to fail.