Bathware for The Great Outdoors

Recasting their modern classics with a skilful mix of grace and conviction, Agape takes their designs outdoors, immersing daily bathing and washing rituals amongst nature.

p_36_In-Out Cemento.jpg

Comprising fourteen components available in a total of over 90 unique variations the range includes outdoor-friendly versions of some of the brand’s most iconic pieces designed in-house and by a coterie of renowned, award-wining International designers. Revisited to sync with their exterior surrounds via the durability of their material qualities, use or innovation, the new collection also features innovative new line releases. Above all, their finishes and hues are highly considered to harmonise with the tones and textures of their surroundings and, ever versatile, are equally suited to indoor use.


Having pioneered the evolution of bathroom furniture and accessory design from purely functional forms to highly desirable sculptural elements with seamlessly engineered features for the past 40 years, the natural evolution of Agape’s design legacy and manufacturing continues to be proudly carried out in Italy. Pieces available at Artedomus from the collection include pedestal washbasins; freestanding bathtubs plus built-in designs for wooden decks or concrete settings; wall-mounted washbasins and counter tops; plus towel rails, hangers and shelving.

Agape Petra Basin.jpg
Agape Petra Basin.jpg

The collection’s re-design highlights include Patricia Urquiola’s sleek Vieques bathtub and washbasin re-cast in stainless-steel to weather external elements with the zen appeal of a Japanese onsen and the sensually undulating curves of Studio MK27’s DR bathtub re-articulated in cast concrete to encourage lazy afternoon garden soaks. Designed by Benedini Associati’s, the In-Out bathtub retains its formidable circular shape but is now available in concrete for outside use.


Diego Vencato and Marco Merendi’s updated versions of their Petra Washbasin (also available with column attachments) allows water to naturally flow across it’s smooth surface that’s gently inclined to mimic a stone. Petra is also re-cast in concrete, adding stylish appeal to alfresco entertaining settings, as are Angelo Mangiarotti’s seminal Bjhon pedestal washbasins with their Pietra Serena sandstone finish and their elegantly truncated columns featuring integrated drains.

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Technology and innovation play a key role in Agape’s mission to elevate the bathing experience. It uses eco-friendly and sustainable materials plus cutting-edge, bio-based compounds to retain its coveted LEED certification. Most innovative is its utilisation of Cementoskin®, an enriched coloured concrete material. As an ‘evolved form of cement’ – an agglomerate with high technical and structural performance, even when shaping a very low thickness – it can be cast into delicate profiles. In addition, it is dirt and stain-resistant. Not requiring sealant, by virtue of its properties it straddles both internal and external use. Available in five different colours across a broad range of washbasins plus countertops and bathtubs, its appeal resonates with those eager to tonally customise their sanctums, both inside and out.

Agape is available exclusively through Artedomus Australia-wide.