Konstantin Grcic

Konstantin Grcic is a renowned German furniture, product and lighting designer. Known for his collaborations with Flos and Vitra, Agape and the Italian tile supremos Mutina.

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Konstantin Grcic has an analytical and rational approach that focuses on simplicity. In 1991, he opened his own studio in Munich, where he developed furniture, products and lighting for some of the world’s leading design companies. Today, Konstantin Grcic Design is based in Berlin.

Mutina collaborated with Konstantin Grcic in 2015, resulting in the extraordinary collection DIN. DIN won the EDIDA (Elle Deco International Design Awards) 2022 award in the Floor Covering category. The collection represents a complete new way of conceiving a modern mosaic. It is conceived in a strictly modular logic that allows to play with the elements and offers a wide scope of possible applications, from simple concepts to the most complex ones, demonstrating an almost unlimited flexibility.

Also working with Agape, Grcic is responsible for Mach 2 accessories. Mach 2 takes a look at the original Mach series from a fresh perspective. The new project is the result of a detailed analysis of all the elements in the original collection based on user experience and feedback. The programme, with a bold technical look, is made of polished or satin-finish stainless steel AISI 304 with polished edges, or coated in matt black, making it suitable also for outdoor spaces.