Milan Design Week 2019

Milan Design Week 2019 saw our brands host impressive installations across Milan and in the heart of Brera Design District.

Agape hosted two exhibitions devoted to their extensive range of products and included some new additions. The variety of products and design collaborations presented at Milan demonstrates Agape’s continuous exploration of versatility, customisation and timeless design. Although some prototypes are not in production and cannot be purchased, more information will be available soon. In the meantime, you can preview them here or explore the extensive Agape collection available now.

New Volumes™
The 4th Local Milan was the largest representation of Australasian design at Milan Design Week with 44 designers featured from Australia and New Zealand. Across ten rooms and two levels in a palazzo formerly occupied by Diesel and Moroso, New Volumes™ pieces were integrated into the amazing rooms curated and styled by New Volumes designer Emma Elizabeth. 

The INAX Tile Lounge exhibition invited visitors to experience the product designs first-hand while reflecting INAX’s design values and signature elements, which convey Japanese aesthetics in a contemporary style.

‘Behind the Scenes’, a collaboration with Agapecasa and Stellar Works at Galleria Teatro Manzoni included installations referencing dramatic interpretations of theatre. Inspired by the neighbouring Teatro Manzoni, they shared a central entrance foyer which brought together the two creative concepts and beautifully showcased the Agapecasa furniture pieces. 

Fiandre offered visitors a multi-sensory experience with elements of light and water combined with their porcelain surfaces. They created an immersive a cave and path featuring a series of ceramic stalactites directing into a second room. This space featured a towering tree reminding visitors of he need to welcome inspiration from the hidden mechanisms of nature in designing materials that allow us to live in harmony with it.

Lithos Design
In the elegant frame of Four Seasons Hotel, Lithos Design showcased their newest design; Hamal. Inspired by the night sky, the decorative back-lit marble tiles create unique shades from the semi-translucent natural stone.