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Our full-body tiles offer architectural impact, performance and versatility.

Full-body tiles are the perfect architectural material for creating seamless surfaces and detailed edges. With classic and contemporary aesthetics and exposed-edge design, our premium collection of Fiandre Veneziano and Loft full-body tiles expand the design possibilities for interior and exterior surfaces.

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“Fiandre has been a leading producer of full-body porcelain tiles for more than 50 years, staying at the forefront of aesthetic trends and advancing technology. Its full-body tiles offer architectural impact, performance and versatility for residential, hospitality, commercial and public projects,” says Phil Brenton, Managing Director of Artedomus.

Full-body tiles are distinctive for their uniform composition with the colour and pattern running all the way through the depth of the tile. This honest structural integrity means the colour and pattern won’t wear away, as it would with a printed or coated tile. It also allows the edges of the tile to be exposed, creating neat and uniform detailing on stairs, splashbacks, counters and corners. Plus, any etching or fluting cut into the tile will also have the same appearance as the top surface.

Full-body tiles offer excellent performance and durability, particularly in high-traffic areas.

Veneziano and Loft tiles are available in a range of finishes and sizes and are suitable for interior and exterior applications. The natural, speckled composition gives a terrazzo look, while being a more sustainable product. Fiandre is a zero-emissions company and more than 250 of its materials have guaranteed green credentials.



Veneziano Seminato Candido


Veneziano Seminato Argento


Veneziano Seminato Beige


Veneziano Seminato Miele


Veneziano Seminato Bruno


Veneziano Seminato Nero

Veneziano full-body tiles are a technical and aesthetic fusion, delivering a tile that is both classic and contemporary. Natural raw materials are processed with leading-edge production techniques to achieve a high-tech surface with the variations, veining and speckling of full-body effects.

Veneziano Nero.png

Veneziano Nero

The collection pays tribute to the Renaissance palaces of Venice, drawing on Italy’s age-old tradition of craftsmanship, artistry and design. It includes six colours and with the choice of a natural or polished finish. Seminato Candido is the lightest coloured tile, with an ethereal, pearl-like background that accentuates the darker pigments. Seminato Nero is the darkest coloured tile, with a dusk-like background and light and dark flecks. (Seminato means “to sow the seeds in the earth,” and has been used for centuries to describe this Venetian style of fine-grain terrazzo.)

The tiles are 10-millimetres thick and available in five sizes. Using one colour will create a seamless surface, or a combination of colours can be used to create modern and eye-catching finishes. Colours Nero, Candido and Beige are also available in 3200 × 1500 panels at 12mm thick in matt finish. Perfect for kitchen benchtops, vanities and joinery.

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Veneziano Seminato Beige wall and Bruno floor

Veneziano Seminato Candido and Beige.jpg

Veneziano Seminato Candido and Beige


Loft Snow.jpg

Loft Snow

Loft Sand.jpg

Loft Sand

Loft Smoke.jpg

Loft Smoke

Loft Dark.jpg

Loft Dark

Loft full-body tiles made with stone and cement, producing a tile that has a concrete terrazzo look. The simple and modern surfaces are speckled with iridescent particles that give a subtle swirling effect.

The versatile collection includes four natural colours that range from light to dark grey and perfectly complement architectural trends. The particles glisten as they catch the light, providing an added sense of depth and dimension.

The tiles are available in four sizes up to one square metre, and three thickness from 6- to 20-millimetres depth. Explore more of Loft here.

Loft Smoke.jpg

Loft Smoke

Loft Sand.jpg

Loft Sand

The performance of the tiles can be enhanced with the revolutionary Active 2.0 by Fiandre. Active 2.0 is an antiviral, antipollution and anti-odour treatment. It reduces indoor nitrogen oxide and VOC levels, and its self-cleaning properties ensure ease of maintenance. These properties make Active 2.0 an ideal choice for internal, external, floor and wall usage in a variety of residential and commercial buildings.

Veneziano and Loft full-body tiles are exclusive to Artedomus and can be viewed at our four showrooms across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Loft Dark.jpg

Loft Dark

Loft Sand.jpg

Loft Sand

Loft Smoke.jpg

Loft Smoke