INAX Ceravio G at Brighton Beach House

This outstanding project by BG Architecture, featuring INAX Ceravio G Japanese ceramics, is an extensive renovation to a beachfront art deco home in seaside Victoria.

Ceravio G CGV1 designed by BG Architecture.jpg
Ceravio G CGV1 designed by BG Architecture_01.jpg
Ceravio G CGV1 designed by BG Architecture02.jpg
Ceravio G CGV1 designed by BG Architecture03.jpg
Ceravio G CGV1 designed by BG Architecture04.jpg

INAX Ceravio G CGV1 architectural ceramic. Design by BG Architecture. Photography by Dianna Snape.

DESIGNER: BG Architecture
YEAR: 2016
CLIENT: Private

The architects retained part of the original double level curved façade, while successfully updating the dwelling it to create a modern aesthetic. The curved INAX tiled wall pronounces the entry from the street to embrace a double height interior volume to vertically link the two levels of the home.

The designers proposed INAX tile at Concept design phase to the clients for both pragmatic and aesthetic reasons. “They loved the tactility and texture it offered to the façade and the interior,” says BG principal Donna Brzezinski, “coupled with its resilience to heat and the harsh conditions of this beach locale.”

“The vertical tile beautifully accentuates the curve of the design while transforming from a flat surface in full sun to a dramatic composition when in shadow.”

The property had very limited access from the from the cul-de-sac street for lifting equipment hence the tiles offered a cost effective and buildable method.