Oblik by Marsha Golemac

Our new campaign, Oblik, is intended to inspire clients by revealing new combinations of architectural surfaces, tiles, stone, bathware and furniture for commercial and residential projects. Oblik – meaning form, shape, figure or feature in Croatian – is a series of structures that present a broad collection of our unique surfaces and products in an abstract life-size manner.


We collaborated with Melbourne art director Marsha Golemac to showcase the changing face of architectural surfaces in an unexpected way. “Rather than present the products as part of an interior, I wanted to show a space with a plethora of options,” says Marsha, who is renowned from creating striking still lifes that encourage engaging narratives and bold imagery.


Marsha worked with Artedomus Creative Director Thomas Coward to create the vertical arrangement, turning the concept of a flat mood board on its head. “We often see mood boards using small samples of our materials and we wanted to see how that would look on a macro level. The textures and
surfaces represent the future, present and the relevant past of Artedomus’ offering,” says Thomas.

“It’s a simple idea that showcases a diverse range of products via scale and unusual palettes,” says Marsha.


The stacked arrangements are composed of blocks clad in Inax Japanese ceramic tiles, Italian porcelain and stone as well as Agape bathware and New Volumes™ marble furniture, including Spomenik I designed by Marsha. Spomenik I and Spomenik II are a pair of complementary objects in
Artedomus’ New Volumes™ Collection 01. Their stacked, graduated forms are inspired by modernist architectural monuments, known as spomeniks, built in the former Yugoslovia.

Tomas Friml photographed the structures in a nineteenth-century chapel in Fitzroy, Melbourne; its bare walls and arched supports providing a pared-back but complementary backdrop to the colourful surfaces and objects. Close-up images of the arrangements reveal unexpected combinations and juxtapositions of products to inspire clients for residential and commercial architecture and design projects.

See Oblik on display in our Melbourne showroom or explore our incomparable collection of stone, tiles, architectural surfaces, bathware and furniture at a showroom near you.

Photography by Tomas Friml.