Agape 369 Shelves and Accessories

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Agape 369 Towel holder


A Range of wall-mounted accessories characterised by the infinite compositional potential of its elements, which include towel holders, supports for soap dishes, glasses and shelves that can be combined to form multifunctional bars around the washbasin, bathtub and bidet area.

The dynamic quality of the range makes its products the ideal complement for any of the other product ranges in the catalogue. The range also includes wall-mounted lights that produce diffuse light. Finish: polished or satin-finished stainless steel, now available also in brushed and burnished steel.

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Stainless Steel


Product Code Width Height Depth
120mm Shelf A369231 120mm 50mm 120mm
360mm Shelf A369232 360mm 50mm 120mm
480mm Shelf A369233 480mm 50mm 120mm
600mm Shelf A369234 600mm 50mm 120mm
120mm Basic Support Element A369222 120mm 50mm 120mm
360mm Basic Support Element or Towel Holder A369200 360mm 50mm 120mm
480mm Basic Support Element or Towel Holder A369201 480mm 50mm 120mm
600mm Basic Support Element or Towel Holder A369202 600mm 50mm 120mm
240mm Basic Support Element with Shelf A369204 240mm 150mm 120mm
360mm Basic Support Element with Shelf A369205 360mm 150mm 120mm
480mm Basic Support Element with Shelf A369206 480mm 150mm 120mm
360mm Twin Towel Holder A369207 360mm 50mm 120mm
480mm Twin Towel Holder A369208 480mm 50mm 120mm
600mm Twin Towel Holder A369209 600mm 50mm 120mm
120mm Toilet Roll Holder A369214 120mm 50mm 120mm
140mm Toilet Roll Holder A369219 140mm 50mm 120mm
Spare Toilet Roll Holder A369218 120mm 560mm 120mm
Toilet Brush Holder A369215 120mm 306mm 120mm
Clothes Hanger A369223 30mm 50mm 43mm
Basket A369217 240mm 320mm 120mm
Soap Dispenser A369224 150mm



White Exmar / Cristalplant®.jpg

White Exmar / Cristalplant®

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Satin Stainless Steel

Agape Colour finish Polished Stainless Steel.jpg

Polished Stainless Steel