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Bucatini Mirrors, Soap Dispenser Holder, Containers, and Shelves

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Agape Bucatini Towel-holders and Accessories

Accessories in the Bucatini range consist of stainless steel cable sheathed in transparent plastic, used as a towel holder or support for trays, containers, accessories and mirrors. The storage units made from white ceramic can be detached from the support wire for easy cleaning.

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Fabio Bortolani, Ermanno Righi

Stainless Steel


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Bucatini Towel-holders and Accessories

Agape Bucatini Range 2.jpg

Bucatini Mirrors, Soap Dispenser Holder, Containers, and Shelves

Agape Bucatini Range.jpg

Bucatini Range

Agape Accessories Bucatini Mirror.jpg

Bucatini illuminated mirror with Sen towel rail, shelf and tap with In-Out basin

Agape Accessories Bucatini Mirror 2.jpg

Bucatini round Mirror

Agape Accessories Bucatini Soap-holder ABUCO 160.jpg

Bucatini Soap-holder with support, ABUCO 160


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Agape Colour finish Polished Stainless Steel.jpg

Polished Stainless Steel


Product Code Width Height Depth
Soap Holder with Support ABUC0160 Support clip is 25mm wide 110mm 90mm 110mm
Soap Holder ABUC0160S 110mm 90mm 110mm
Toothbrush Holder with Support ABUC0161 Support clip fixing is 25mm wide 84mm 130mm 84mm
Toothbrush Holder ABUC0161S 84mm 130mm 84mm
Support for Toothbrush Holder ABUC0179 25mm 84mm
Shelf with Support ABUC0180 Support clip is 25mm wide 260mm 90mm 100mm
260mm Container with Support ABUC0182 260mm 100mm 100mm
250mm Container ABUC0182S 250mm 100mm 100mm
50mm Container with Support ABUC0182S Support clip is 25mm wide 50mm 200mm 50mm
400mm Towel Holder ABUC0166 400mm
600mm Towel Holder ABUC0167 600mm
300mm Towel Holder ABUC0165 300mm
Support for Soap Dispenser ABUC0168 25mm 110mm
Clothes Hook ABUC0171 25mm 200mm
Clothes Hanger ABUC0170 210mm 64mm
Single Toilet Roll Holder ABUC0172 120mm
Double Toilet Roll Holder ABUC0174 250mm
Multi Toilet Roll Holder ABUC0173 380mm
Magazine Holder ABUC0176 200mm
Toilet Brush Holder with Support ABUC0175 Support clip is 25mm wide 84mm 390mm 84mm

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