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Mutina De?chirer XL Gesso

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Mutina De?chirer XL colours; Gesso, Avana and Grafite

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Mutina Dechirer XL Gesso

Designed by Patricia Urquiola, Dechirer XL comes from the idea of creating a surface inspired by the opacity of concrete but also preserving its identity of ceramics. The Dechirer XL is a timeless, revolutionary collection that breaks away from current trends and set contexts.

The collection is developed on a major innovation in the field of ceramic coatings: having obtained for the first time, a relief that is barely perceptible. At just 3mm thick, this very lightweight panel (8kg/sqm), is perfectly suitable for use on internal and external vertical surfaces.

“Dechirer is the beauty of being able to risk and not wanting to follow any rules. It’s the beauty of breathing air and interpreting it the way we want. We hope this goes beyond current trends. It also serves as a sort of abacus that might
appeal to the sensitivity of the designers who use it, playing around with neutral shades, decorations and light, to create
a personal vision.” – Patricia Urquiola

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Patricia Urquiola


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Dechirer XL Gesso

Mutina De?chirer XL Gesso.jpg

Mutina De?chirer XL Gesso


Length Width Depth
3000mm 1000mm 3mm


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