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GF Fjord Grey - 01.jpg
GF Fjord Dusty - 01.jpg
GF Fjord White - 02.jpg
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Fiandre Fjord

With a beautiful stone-look surface, Fjord durable porcelain range is suitable residential and commercial applications.
It is available in a variety of sizes from large 3000×1000mm panels suitable for bench tops and splash backs or smaller sizes for wall and floors both internally and externally.


Fiandre, Italy believes in the power of innovation, the uniqueness of Italian design and the importance of
sustainability to develop outstanding porcelain tiles that are high quality, distinctive and stylish. Strong, light and suitable for commercial and residential use, our exclusive selection is sophisticated and subtle in both colour and texture.

Finish (slip rating)
White NaturalP3
Beige NaturalP2
Sand NaturalP3
Grey NaturalP3
Dusty NaturalP2
Black NaturalP3


Download the brochure. For stock, lead times and pricing please contact us.


GF Fjord White Natural.jpg

Fjord White Natural

GF Fjord Sand Natural.jpg

Fjord Sand Natural

GF Fjord Sand Structured.jpg

Fjord Sand Structured

GF Fjord Beige Natural.jpg

Fjord Beige Natural

GF Fjord Brown Natural.jpg

Fjord Brown Natural

GF Fjord Grey Natural.jpg

Fjord Grey Natural

GF Fjord Grey Structured.jpg

Fjord Grey Structured

GF Fjord Dusty Natural.jpg

Fjord Dusty Natural

GF Fjord Dusty Structured.jpg

Fjord Dusty Structured

GF Fjord Black Natural.jpg

Fjord Black Natural


Nominal Width Nominal Height Depth Finish
1200mm 600mm 20mm Structured Dusty, Grey and Sand only
1200mm 600mm 11mm Structured Dusty, Grey & Sand only
1200mm 600mm 8mm Natural
600mm 600mm 20mm Structured Dusty, Grey and Sand only
600mm 600mm 11mm Structured Dusty, Grey & Sand only
600mm 600mm 8mm Natural
600mm 300mm 11mm Structured Dusty, Grey & Sand only
600mm 300mm 8mm Natural