Fiandre Fiandre Wall-Mounted Vanity Tops

GF Counter Top in MAXIMUM Megalith Megablack.png

GF Counter Top in MAXIMUM Megalith Megablack

gf_piano_aqua_max copy.jpg

Available in a variety of lengths, the Fiandre Counter Tops are crafted out of our MAXIMUM 6mm Porcelain Panel colours which allows for the ability to have matching floors and wall tiles.

More than 30 colours and finishes inspired by natural stones and marbles, to the cool contemporary look of concrete. Includes designs that are incredibly similar to quarry materials without their practical limitations.

The basins share all the benefits of our MAXIMUM Porcelain Panels; they are easy to clean and are stain and mould resistant with a low maintenance requirement due to the material’s low porosity. Manufactured using high-tech Italian technology developed to outperform composite and quarried materials so they are strong and durable. MAXIMUM Porcelain Panels are also made with 100% all natural minerals – sand, quartz, clay, feldspar, recycled content and contain no toxic resins, chemical binders or materials that pose silicosis risk or could add to harmful VOC off-gassing after installation.

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Width Depth Height Weight
Fiandre Counter Top, 700mm 1800mm 500mm 150mm 25kg
Fiandre Counter Top, 900mm 1800mm 500mm 150mm 30kg
Fiandre Counter Top, 1100mm 1100mm 500mm 150mm 35kg
Fiandre Counter Top, 1500mm 1500mm 500mm 150mm 45kg
Fiandre Counter Top, 1800mm 1800mm 500mm 150mm 55kg



Maximum Marmi Taxos.jpg

Maximum Taxos

2 (2).jpg

Maximum Statuario

10 (2).jpg

Maximum Calacatta


Maximum Venato


Maximum Michelangelo

Maximum Marmi Bright Onyx.jpg

Maximum Bright Onyx

Maximum Marmi Imperial White.jpg

Maximum Imperial White

Maximum Oro.jpg

Maximum Oro

Maximum Marmi Gold Onyx.jpg

Maximum Gold Onyx

Maximum Marmi Travertino.jpg

Maximum Travertino

Maximum Marmi Pietra Bronze.jpg

Marmi Pietra Bronze

Maximum Pietra Grey.jpg

Maximum Pietra Grey

MAXIMUM Marquina_01.jpg

MAXIMUM Marquina

Megalith MegaWhite.jpg

Megalith MegaWhite

Megalith MegaGriege.jpg

Megalith MegaGriege

Megalith MegaGrey.jpg

Megalith MegaGrey

Megalith MegaBrown.jpg

Megalith MegaBrown

Megalith MegaBlack.jpg

Megalith MegaBlack

Maximum Mercury.jpg

Maximum Mercury


Maximum Venus

Maximum Aster Moon.jpg

Maximum Moon

Maximum Ice.jpg

Maximum Ice

Maximum Pepper.jpg

Maximum Pepper

GF Fjord White Natural.jpg

Fjord White Natural

GF Fjord Sand Natural.jpg

Fjord Sand Natural

GF Fjord Grey Natural.jpg

Fjord Grey Natural

GF Fjord Dusty Natural.jpg

Fjord Dusty Natural

GF Fjord Black Natural.jpg

Fjord Black Natural

Fiandre Urban White 15075.jpg

Urban White

Fiandre Urban Ivory 15075.jpg

Urban Ivory

Fiandre Urban Sand 15075.jpg

Urban Sand

Fiandre Urban Grey 15075.jpg

Urban Grey

Fiandre Urban Dove 15075.jpg

Urban Dove

Fiandre Urban Anthracite 15075.jpg

Urban Anthracite