Agape Mach 2 Shelves and Accessories

Agape Mach 2 accessories by Konstantin Grcici.jpg

Mach 2 takes a look at the original Mach series from a fresh perspective. The new project is the result of a detailed analysis of all the elements in the original collection based on user experience and feedback.

The range is made of polished or satin-finish stainless steel with polished edges, or coated in matt black.

In line with the professional spirit of the original collection, Mach 2 introduces a series of new functional elements which, while respecting the stringent requirements deriving from use in public environments, make this family of products extremely versatile and also suitable for the most exclusive domestic environments.

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Konstantin Grcic
Stainless Steel


Product Code Width Height Depth
400mm Shelf AMC20920 400mm 63mm 100mm
600mm Shelf AMC20921 600mm 63mm 100mm
800mm Shelf AMC20922 800mm 63mm 100mm
400mm Double Shelf AMC20923 400mm 190mm 100mm
600mm Double Shelf AMC20924 600mm 190mm 100mm
800mm Double Shelf AMC20925 800mm 190mm 100mm
Wall Mounted Soap Holder AMC20926 140mm 63mm 100mm
Wall Mounted Liquid Soap Dispenser AMC20927 123mm 315mm 107mm
Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder AMC20928 100mm 85mm 100mm
Double Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder AMC20929 200mm 85mm 100mm
80mm Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder AMC20930 80mm 120mm 40mm
140mm Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder AMC20931 140mm 120mm 40mm
404mm Towel Holder AMC20932 404mm 50mm 85mm
604mm Towel Holder AMC20933 604mm 50mm 85mm
404mm Flag Towel Holder AMC20934 40mm 80mm 404mm
Paper Towel Dispenser AMC20935 270mm 405mm 125mm
Clothes Hanger AMC20936 80mm 116mm 40mm
Tissue Box Holder AMC20937 243mm 150mm 82mm
Wastepaper Basket AMC20938 360mm 557mm 148mm
Toilet Roll Holder AMC20939 142mm 85mm 115mm
Double Toilet Roll Holder AMC20940 283mm 85mm 115mm
Spare Toilet Roll Holder AOLC0829 130mm 200mm 130mm
Wall Mounted Toilet Brush AMC20941 110mm 300mm 108mm
Sanitary Dispenser AMC20942 128mm 300mm 50mm



Agape Colour finish Satin Stainless Steel.jpg

Satin Stainless Steel

Agape Colour finish Polished Stainless Steel.jpg

Polished Stainless Steel

 Agape colour finish black.jpg