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Sen wall mounted spout & levers for bath.jpg

Agape Sen Wall Mounted Tap for Baths

From acclaimed French designer Gwenael Nicolas (Curiosity) and Japanese marketing expert Reiko Miyamoto, Sen is a combination of Eastern spirit and Western technology. Sen incorporates multiple functions in a line of independent components which can be freely combined to make a unique design statement, it is further enhanced by the striking brushed black aluminium finish. The Sen system includes wall-mounted taps, a flexible hand shower, a shower column, surface-mounted taps and floor-mounted spouts. The accessories include holders for small objects in various sizes, a soap dispenser and towel holder. Suitable for use with the bathtub, washbasin or sanitary fittings, Sen stamps its extremely distinctive mark on any space in which it is fitted.


Part of the Sen range of shelves and accessories. Sen taps and accessories are made of anodised aluminium, with a black brushed finish.


Gwenael Nicolas, Curiosity



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Agape Colour finish Black anodised aluminium.jpg

Black anodised aluminium

Natural anodised aluminium.jpg

Natural anodised aluminium


Product Code Height Width Depth
Wall mounted spout & levers for bathtub ASEN0912VS 140mm 240mm 120mm
AKIT680A Bar for the positioning of two recessed tap sets located one aside the other or with a max. axial distance of 1044mm
AKIT680B Rail for the alignment of built-in taps with axial distance more than 1044mm up to 1920mm

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