Haven by MOYA & CO

The interiority of this boutique coffee shop in Sydney’s Darling Quarter is exactly as the name suggests, a haven. MOYA & CO – the studio behind the design of Haven’s Rosebery venue – has created a pared back space defined by tactile materials and neutral hues.


Travertine Zena.jpg

Travertine Zena

Opus Rosso Close Up.jpg

Opus Rosso Honed


As the project’s designer, Teresa Peng, says, “similarly to Haven Rosebery, the design was kept minimal yet highly functional.” She adds, “there’s a careful balance between integrated display and enclosed storage, and the visual hierarchy was also enhanced through our choice of materials, colours and lighting design.” Wall panels, a textural paint finish, Artedomus stones and light-coloured timber all contribute to a muted yet layered atmosphere.

The layout is simple and intuitive; to the left, a timber bench seat follows a kink in the wall and round tables nestle at its edge. Beyond this, the serving counter is split into two forms – one rectangular and the other square. Sitting side-by-side and both clad entirely in complementary slabs of natural stone, these two forms make for a grounding, monolithic feature in an otherwise airy space.

The cube-shaped counter to the right houses a selection of pastries in an in-built drawer beneath a glass top. Crafted from Artedomus Travertine Zena – a creamy, light-toned Italian limestone – it’s a sure-fire gravitational point. Behind this, a second Artedomus stone – Opus Rosso – clads the back counter and cupboards. This uniquely veined natural stone features shades of burgundy against grey and white and, as the only use of colour in the space, it’s an appealing addition. As Teresa says of the colour palette, it was “kept neutral in a warm grey tone, with a special focus on the three built counters and the respective stone selections [that] anchor the space.”

Subdued but with plenty of visual interest thanks to a layering of tones and textures, this venue by MOYA & CO is as tranquil as its name infers.

Architecture by MOYA & CO
Interior Design by MOYA & CO
Styling by MOYA & CO
Photography by Joanne Ly
Words by Millie Thwaites
Build by Trinity Shop Fitting
Development by Lendlease
Joinery by Trinity Shop Fitting