Milan 2016 Agape: Eight Bathroom Concepts

Agape released it’s new concepts at Fuorisalone 2016 including work by Patricia Urquiola, Garcia Cumini and Benedini Associati. Eight immaculately curated ‘Environments’ represented an inspiring ‘journey of wonders’ among ‘old’ and new designers, new products and new materials.

Dot Line.jpg

Dot Line

In Out bath in Nero Marquina marble by Benedini Associates.jpg

In Out bath in Nero Marquina marble by Benedini Associates

Agape Marsiglia bath.jpg

Marsiglia bath by Lucidi Pevere

Agape Ell basin.jpg

Ell countertop washbasin by Andres Jost and Diego Cisi

Agape Cuna.jpg

Cuna bath by Patricia Urquiola

Agape Lariana bath.jpg

Lariana bath by Patricia Urquiola

These eight bathrooms were much more than the simple sum of their individual elements. There were additions, combinations, modularity and unexpected design intersections between the increasingly versatile elements of the Agape catalogue in what are clearly highly customizable design solutions.

The eight environments and their many configurations illustrated, amongst others, the different versions of the Ell washbasin (design: Benedini Associati , Andres Jost , Diego Cisi) and the Lato storage system (design: Benedini Associati) with its thin blades of marble and Corian® working together in a wide variety of dimensions.

Two new bathtubs by Patricia Urquiola enter production. Lariana’s compact linearity is defined by its alternating delicate curves with clean cuts in its double enclosure. Cuna weighs in at slightly more than 30 kilograms showing off the designer’s deep knowledge of materials, production processes and her delicate and feminine aesthetic.

Of most interest is the new minimal and functional Dot-Line accessories range (design: García Cumini). New developments and additions to the Sen Tapware product family (design: Gwenael Nicolas/Curiosity) complemented the various configurations of the showers from the Plan-A System (design: Mario Tessarollo, Giulio Gianturco).

“Agape has introduced interesting and beautiful new finishes and materials to existing product lines that will complement the schemes Australian designers are currently creating,” reports Thomas Coward, Artedomus Design Manager and our man at Milan 2016.

“The DOt-Line accessories range is quite lovely, a simple timber dowel and hook configuration that is very flexible and a range I can see doing very well here,” he says.

“The Eight Agape bathroom environments presented at Milan were very inspiring, showing us combinations of products that were both beautiful and surprising.”

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