The Bedonia Desk - Adam Goodrum for Cult

Cult invited highly awarded, rising Australian industrial design star Adam Goodrum to design its reception desk and showroom entry statement for Sydney in Design 2013. Artedomus was asked to supply the stone, custom craft the desk and install it in Cult’s Chippendale showroom.

Bedonia Honed Desk. Cult showroom. By Adam Goodrum.jpg

Perhaps best known for his Stitch Chair produced by Cappellini, Adam Goodrum’s work is known for unifying functionality and aesthetic. Unique Bedonia natural stone was selected by the designer for its timeless consistent grey colour, luxurious, fluid patina and incredible durability, providing him with the most suitable surface to make the strong, sculptural statement he sought.

"This desk appears to be very simple in design, but this shape is technically very difficult to achieve," says Adam.

Artedomus's artisan stone masons spent close to 200 hours hand crafting the intricate stonework for the desk, approximately 80 of which were executed in the Cult showroom to ensure an immaculate finish.

All three faces of the desk are made from 30mm thick stone, each fading inwards, creating a complex multi-axis joint at each vertical corner. This required hand-shaping and finishing at installation as it is impossible to measure, but with experience and precision, skilled Artedomus stone masons and installers delivered a flawlessly beautiful result to complement Cult's high quality classic and contemporary products.

Bedonia is exclusive to Artedomus.