Agape DR Bath by Marcio Kogan

On display in our showrooms is the most adventurous new bath to come from Agape since the launch of the Giampaolo Benedini designed Spoon bath over 20 years ago – The DR bath.

Agape Bathtubs DR installation 2.jpg

DR Bathtub

Agape Bathtubs DR installation.jpg

DR Bathtub

Agape Bathtubs DR 5.jpg

DR Bathtub

Agape Bathtubs DR Side.jpg

DR bathtub for two, side view

Agape Bathtubs DR Top.jpg

DR bathtub for two

Agape Dr Bathtub .jpg

Dr Bathtub, inset

Agape Bathtubs DR Oblique.jpg

DR bathtub for two, oblique view

Agape Bathtubs Dr Bathtub.jpg

Dr Bathtub

The DR bath launched at the Milan Fair this year, designed by Studio Mk27, Marcio Kogan with Mariana Ruzante.