Inax Accordi U

Accordi U ADU261.jpg

Accordi U ADU261 with Agape Sen shelves and hand held shower

The soft and bright colours of Accordi have been combined with a delicately smooth matt surface.

Be spoilt for choice with more than 25 different colours to choose from.

INAX has a long, rich history based in Japanese ceramic craftsmanship and expertise. Founded after producing the terracotta with Frank Lloyd Wright for the famous Imperial Hotel, Tokyo in 1924, INAX is recognised for its innovative range of interior and exterior architectural ceramics that embody superb manufacturing and leading designs by traditional artisans.

The quality of the production of INAX Japanese ceramics is incredibly high. Their manufacturing processes enable a level of precision and consistency, while also delivering the beautiful natural qualities for which Japanese ceramics are renowned. This is a result of the INAX factories’ experience working with the variables of temperature and timing that affect the chemical reactions that ultimately determine the result. Their ceramics are baked for much longer than traditional tiles, creating a uniquely hard-wearing and durable product.


Sold As


Product Code Size/piece Size/sheet Thickness
ADU-100NETM/200 to 292 ( paper-faced ) 94×94mm 300×300mm 9mm


Accordi U_ADU200.jpg

Accordi U ADU200 (B)

Accordi U_ADU202.jpg

Accordi U ADU202 (A)

Accordi U_ADU201.jpg

Accordi U ADU201 (A)

Accordi U_ADU211.jpg

Accordi U ADU211 (A)

Accordi U_ADU212.jpg

Accordi U ADU212 (A)

Accordi U_ADU203_.jpg

Accordi U ADU203 (A)

Accordi U_ADU204.jpg

Accordi U ADU204 (A)

Accordi U_ADU231.jpg

Accordi U ADU231 (A)

Accordi U_ADU232.jpg

Accordi U ADU232 (A)

Accordi U_ADU233.jpg

Accordi U ADU233 (B)

Accordi U_ADU241.jpg

Accordi U ADU241 (A)

Accordi U_ADU242.jpg

Accordi U ADU242 (A)

Accordi U_ADU243.jpg

Accordi U ADU243 (B)

Accordi U_ADU251.jpg

Accordi U ADU251 (A)

Accordi U_ADU252.jpg

Accordi U ADU252 (A)

Accordi U_ADU253.jpg

Accordi U ADU253 (B)

Accordi U_ADU213.jpg

Accordi U ADU213 (A)

Accordi U_ADU214.jpg

Accordi U ADU214 (A)

Accordi U_ADU215jpg.jpg

Accordi U ADU215 (A)

Accordi U_ADU261.jpg

Accordi U ADU261 (A)

Accordi U_ADU262.jpg

Accordi U ADU262 (A)

Accordi U_ADU263.jpg

Accordi U ADU263 (B)

Accordi U_ADU221.jpg

Accordi U ADU221 (A)

Accordi U_ADU222.jpg

Accordi U ADU222 (A)

Accordi U_ADU281.jpg

Accordi U ADU281 (A)

Accordi U_ADU283.jpg

Accordi U ADU283 (B)

Accordi U_ADU291.jpg

Accordi U ADU291 (B)

Accordi U_ADU292.jpg

Accordi U ADU292 (B)