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Agapecasa Cavalletto

Designed by Angelo Mangiarotti in 1953, Cavalletto is a modular system of stackable vertical elements and shelves. This versatile and functional system features Mangiarotti’s signature and timeless gravity joints in which shelves and drawer units can easily be interlocked.


Cavalletto is made from birch plywood, available in natural or dark oak finishes and with optional storage units. It can be fitted with a single deep drawer and an additional internal drawer, both with fully extendable runners and push-pull opening mechanism. The structure and front panels of the storage units are available painted white or grey.

Agapecasa is a unique collaboration between Studio Mangiarotti and leading Italian bathware company Agape. Agapecasa extends the Agape vision with original pieces including chairs, tables & storage units, that are refined, functional and modern conceived by an extraordinary architect whose experimentation established new reference parameters in typology, form and construction. Modular system of stackable vertical elements and shelves made from birch plywood, available in natural or dark oak finish and with optional storage units.


Angelo Mangiarotti





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Width Height Depth
Side Support 30mm 510mm 300mm
Shelf 1030mm 20mm 400mm
Container with Drawer 100mm 400mm 423mm

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