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Pitcher Table c/o Adam Goodrum

Capturing the purity of geometry and mathematical balance, this table and stool set features an extruded square base with the top rotated 45 degrees, then married together. The pieces have been designed to be adaptable; the stool edges have a user-friendly lip making them easier to move to suit changing needs.

Collections for the home and office by Artedomus, New Volumes explores and pushes the boundaries of a single natural material. For each collection, we select a distinct assembly of designers to bring the material to life.


Collection 02 explores another fundamentally pure material, Terracotta. Terracotta is essentially fire and clay. The first manufactured material perhaps. Mud, water and heat or time. Solidifying to a robust striking colour. It is used in one way or another all over the world and much like marble, the applications cannot be restricted.

A material rich in history and culture yet still has the most contemporary properties. We can throw, cast, and extrude it to our needs and no matter what we do – we do not alter its nature.


Adam Goodrum




Australian Designed

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New Volumes Pitcher Table


Length Width Height
Pitcher Table 900mm 900mm 750mm