Inax Reitz Nicho

Inax Reitz Nicho 227x60 YT-2:FL11:S178N-1025M_light colour (white) - 03.jpg

Reitz Nicho

Inax Reitz Nicho 227x60 YT-2:FL11:S178N-1025M_light colour (white) - 02.jpg

Reitz Nicho

Reitz Nicho is classified as a Nano-hydrophilic ceramic. Nano-hydrophile is INAX’s criteria that indicates the level of stain resistance. When installed vertically, these ceramics have additional properties that further help to resist mud, dirt, dust, gas emissions, soot and smoke.

Particularly suitable for floors, Reitz Nicho is a very refined tile with a subtle texture and subdued speckled glaze resembling off-white terracotta. It is available in individual pieces so desired pattern designs are achievable.

INAX has a long, rich history based in Japanese ceramic craftsmanship and expertise. Founded after producing the terracotta with Frank Lloyd Wright for the famous Imperial Hotel, Tokyo in 1924, INAX is recognised for its innovative range of interior and exterior architectural ceramics that embody superb manufacturing and leading designs by traditional artisans.

The quality of the production of INAX ceramics is incredibly high. Their manufacturing processes enable a level of precision and consistency, while also delivering the beautiful natural qualities for which Japanese ceramics are renowned. This is a result of the INAX factories’ experience working with the variables of temperature and timing that affect the chemical reactions that ultimately determine the result. Their ceramics are baked for much longer than traditional tiles, creating a uniquely hard-wearing and durable product.

All INAX ceramics are of a very high quality and are recognised for their low maintenance requirement.

Architectural ceramics provide a beautiful, maintenance free alternative to paint and render and a sculptural surface with textural character that cannot be achieved using normal composite cladding panels. INAX exterior ceramics create a seamless aesthetic, effectively covering joins in concrete slabs and wrapping crisply around right angles using precisely-crafted mitred corner pieces. Many of the INAX designs can also be used on curved walls.

Exterior Japanese ceramics are renowned not only for their ease of maintenance but also for their ability to extend building longevity, this is evidenced in the large number of timber framed buildings in Japan that have engineered architectural wall cladding, effectively protecting them from moisture deterioration over time. The majority of the architectural ceramics by INAX have been designed and carefully engineered to be installed without grout, ensuring that the building structure is protected from the elements. The elasticity inherent in the ceramic adhesive replaces the job that the grout would traditionally undertake.

The advantage of this is that it avoids the development of potential unsightly grout cracks due to undue building movement. These carefully engineered architectural ceramics effectively protect the structure from rain and other environmental elements while maintaining their original colour, form and unique textural beauty. INAX complies with Environmental Management Systems ISO14001 and INAX ceramics contain a minimum 40% recycled material content.

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Product Code Size/piece Qty/m 2 2 /Carton Thickness
PRM-2/S195A3-C049 227×60mm 69pcs 0.985sqm 8.5mm


Inax Reitz Nicho 227x60 YT-2 FL11 S178N-1025M_light colour (white) - 11.jpg

Reitz Nicho