Casa Artedomus

We are excited and proud to open the doors to Casa Artedomus. Not just another retail space, our exquisite showroom designed by design geniuses The Stella Collective (Hana Hakim) and Artedomus' own Creative Director Thomas Coward; embodies the inspirational moodboard architects and designers draw on and the lifestyle end consumers and design enthusiasts aspire for.


"This showroom is our love letter to Artedomus. Their products help make an amazing contribution to the reputation of Australian architecture and design and we wanted their space to reflect that."
- Designers Hakim and Coward

Relocated in a retro art-deco building in Rosebery; you are swept up through the foyer with high ceilings to a grandeur custom Elba marble reception desk set on an Italian streetscape, where you are immersed in the nostalgia of European living.

Incorporating all our unique and high quality product ranges, Hakim and Coward illustrates a cohesive template of a simple yet intriguing 4 part story.

Welcome to Casa Artedomus- the dream apartment that puts on show exactly the versatility and range of carefully sourced and exclusive furnishings and finishings. From the stunning Agapecasa Mangiarotti designed Eros solid carrara marble dining table (dining room) to the jaw dropping Smeraldo quartzite kitchen island (kitchen), you embark quite the visual experience.

Gliding over the large scale pressed porcelain Maximum panels further in; you are stopped in your tracks by the stunning Agape bathrooms range, set on stages and separated by plinths and Inax covered interchangeable screens. Finally ending the experience in the library; but where your design journey begins displaying mood shelves of the extensive range of tiles, mosaics and architectural ceramics.

"I wanted our new home to be a light filled, inspirational space for designers, customers and staff to enjoy. The design captured this emotion completely and the result has enhanced all aspects of our business in Sydney," concludes Managing Director Phil Brenton of Artedomus.

Come experience our new home at 6/ 45- 55 Epsom Rd, Rosebery, NSW.