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Travertine Lait

Travertine Lait.jpg

Travertine Lait honed and filled.jpg

“Quarried from Tivoli Terme in Rome, Travertine Lait is a classic beauty. Each striation an embodiment of a period in history.”

Agape Bjhon 1 basin & pedestal

Sen ASEN0962N- floor mounted Tap for basin_2.jpg

Memory Floor Standing Spouts With Thermostatic Control Taps in Burnished Brass.jpg

“Designed by Angelo Mangiarotti, the lines and materiality of the Bjhon 1 result in a fusion of haptic design and visual aesthetic.”

Inax Sugie Series Japanese mosaic

Sugie Series S7736 Hanten.jpg

INAX Sugie Series S7736 Hanten mosaic with Agape Ottocento basin, Memory Mirror, tapware and accessories.jpg

“Translating to speckled in English, the unique Japanese ‘hanten’ glaze from INAX is simple yet charming.”

Mutina Folded XL Porcelain Panels

Mutina Folded XL Bianco.jpg

Mutina Folded XL Bianco.jpg

“The delicate appearances of folds along the surface reminds me of attempting to make origami cranes as a young

Agape Cuna Bath by Patricia Urquiola

Agape Baths Cuna white front.jpg


“I love the contrast in form and colour combination of the Cuna bath by Patricia Urquiola, the design is eclectic and lovely!”

New Volumes Semper Vase by Dale Hardiman

Artedomus New Volumes™ Semper Vase designed by Dale Hardiman.jpg

New Volumes Semper Vase co Dale Hardiman - 01.jpg

“Carved from Elba, the Semper Vase is a poetic vessel; its plate designed to capture the fallen petals and leaves, celebrating the beauty of life and death..”