Sugie Series S7736. Gathered Cafe by Ewert Leaf Photography by Jenah Piwanski - 03.jpg
Sugie Series S7736. Gathered Cafe by Ewert Leaf. Photography by Jenah Piwanski- 01.jpg
Sugie Series S3376 Oriato.jpg
Sugie Series SU2031 by Anna Vaughan & Peter Dunkley.jpg
Sugie Series SU2031 and White Fantasy Honed. Memocorp by The Stella Collective_01.jpg
Sugie Series T5816 Hanten. Next Door by Sonja Kritzler_01.jpg
Melbourne showroom detail 2.jpg
INAX Sugie Series S7736 Hanten mosaic with Agape Ottocento basin, Memory Mirror, tapware and accessories.jpg
Inax Sugie Series mosaics and Elba marble, Agape Lariana basin and Memory tapware. By MCK Architects. Build by Emerath Builders.jpg

Inax Sugie Series

INAX has a long, rich history based in Japanese ceramic craftsmanship and expertise. Founded after producing the terracotta with Frank Lloyd Wright for the famous Imperial Hotel, Tokyo in 1924, INAX is recognised for its innovative range of interior and exterior architectural ceramics that embody superb manufacturing and leading designs by traditional artisans.

The quality of the production of INAX ceramics is incredibly high. Their manufacturing processes enable a level of precision and consistency, while also delivering the beautiful natural qualities for which Japanese ceramics are renowned. This is a result of the INAX factories’ experience working with the variables of temperature and timing that affect the chemical reactions that ultimately determine the result. Their ceramics are baked for much longer than traditional tiles, creating a uniquely hard-wearing and durable product.

All INAX ceramics are of a very high quality and are recognised for their low maintenance requirement. Sugie Series is also classified as a Nano-hydrophilic ceramic. Nano-hydrophile is INAX’s criteria that indicates the level of stain resistance. When installed vertically, these ceramics have additional properties that further help to resist mud, dirt, dust, gas emissions, soot and smoke.

The Sugie Series tile is made exceptional by the industrious Hanten finish. This special glaze was developed to assist with cleaning and makes it favourable compared to a smoother glazed tiles.



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Sugie Series SU2031 Hanten.jpg

Sugie Series SU2031 Hanten

Sugie Series T5814 Hanten.jpg

Sugie Series T5814 Hanten

Sugie Series T5816 Hanten Finish.jpg

Sugie Series T5816 Hanten

Sugie Series S7736 Hanten.jpg

Sugie Series S7736 Hanten

Sugie Series S3376 Oriato.jpg

Sugie Series S3376 Oriato


Product Code Size/piece Size/sheet Thickness Qty/m 2 Qty/Carton m ^2^/Carton
SU2031, T5814, T5816, S3376 47×47mm 300×300mm 7mm 11.5 sheets 22 sheets 1.91kg


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