Natural Stone

Our experts answer some frequently asked questions about stone including what is natural stone, what are some of the strengths as an architectural surface and why it is a popular material used in Australia.

Artedomus has a long history sourcing stone so our experts explain what separates our range of natural stone from others, where it is sourced and explain the exclusivity Artedomus has on many of its stones; including Elba and Bedonia.

Natural stone has been used for thousands of years and is a building product around the world due to its irreplaceable aesthetic and intrinsic value. The right natural stone can be used for any application; for internal kitchen bench tops, bathrooms or external cladding and more. It is important to talk to the experts at Artedomus about what you want to achieve so they can help you make the right selection.

Natural stone has inherent qualities; in a functional sense but also an aesthetic sense as every piece of stone is unique and is impossible to replicate. The enduring quality of stone means that it will last and look great for a long time. Over time due to use, weather and other elements, stones may develop a patina finish. This is something that is unique and should be considered beautiful as it reflects the life of the stone. That being said, there is very little you can do to a natural stone that can’t be repaired, kitchen bench tops are able to be re-honed and brought back very close to the original condition.

Natural stone is incomparable. It adds a strong sense of authenticity, with different stones bringing their own aesthetic qualities and physical properties.