Porcelain Panels

Our experts answer some questions about our porcelain panels including the strengths of porcelain as an architectural surface and what makes Artedomus’ range of porcelain panels so technologically advanced.

Over the last 5 years, Artedomus has introduced a range of over 100 porcelain panels to the Australian market across two brands; Maximum and Artetech. We are constantly looking for new colours and sourcing products architects and designers are asking us for.

Porcelain panels are made from all natural materials, with no chemicals or binders. It is made in a similar way to how nature makes natural stone; clay, feldspar and other natural materials are crushed, pressed and fired to create one mass. This makes porcelain panels incredibly strong, durable and is not susceptible to scratching or staining. It is a great product for people who want something that won’t change and will stay the same as the day you installed it.

Porcelain panels are reliable and can withstand very harsh conditions which makes them a popular building material for external cladding beach projects. Very little products can withstand the forces that a porcelain can, porcelain is not affected by harsh winds and won’t fade in sunlight as it is completely UV stable.

Our panels are very lightweight and can be used virtually anywhere; floors, walls, ceilings, inside, outside, bathrooms, kitchen bench tops, BBQ joinery and more. It has become a desirable product for architects and interior designs due to the ability to use one single material for so many different applications in so many different colours and finishes.

Porcelain panels are very cost effective, especially when compared to the natural stones that they sometimes replicate. Many natural white marbles out of Italy are now phenomenally expensive so our porcelain options can give a similar aesthetic without the price tag.

There is no sealing required for porcelain panels. The manufacturing process deletes the porosity and moisture from the material so it is virtually zero porosity and almost impossible for it to absorb any stain from a liquid. Fired to 1250 degrees celsius, porcelain panels have already changed state to something incredibly hard so no damage can occur from heat from ovens, cooktops or BBQs.

At Artedomus, we focus on thicknesses of 6mm, 9mm and 12mm in many sizes up to 3200×1600mm. 6mm is the perfect thickness for floors, walls and joinery and we recently added 12mm to the ranges to fulfill a response in the marketplace for a kitchen bench top edge profile thickness between 6mm and 20mm.

Everywhere in Australia we have a list of very good contacts who can assist with installation from smaller residential kitchen bench tops or bathroom vanities projects right up to large commercial projects for lobbies, base build refurbishments or airport lounges.

Artedomus is Australia’s leading supplier of porcelain panels.