Natural vs Engineered Stone

In this video we explain the differences between natural stone and engineered stone, the common misconceptions between the two and the shortcomings of engineered and synthetic stone products.

Artedomus has been introducing natural stone products for over 30 years and stock and sell natural stone tiles and slabs out of all 4 of our warehouses nationally. We have no involvement with engineered stones and is not a product as have any faith or interest in. We do not supply it or recommend it.

It is important for people to understand that engineered stone products are not a natural stone, they are a mix of sand and resin. Natural stone is completely different in every sense and it is important for consumers to understand in able to make an informed decision.

Even the term “engineered stone” is a misnomer because the material is not stone. Engineered stone is between 5-10% resin which is why it ends up with quite a plastic appearance and a look that is very different to the finish as you get with natural stone.

The beautiful honed and polished finishes of a natural stones allows the detailed vein structures to shine. Natural stone is completely unique, with veining and colours that are impossible to replicate in engineered stone.

Engineered stone is not UV-stable, so will change colour with exposure to direct sunlight (not great for modern kitchens designed for connection with the outdoors); it’s not recommended for installation close to heat sources, making it unsuitable for splashbacks; and while it doesn’t stain easily, it’s not completely nonporous, so will stain if the wrong liquid is left on it for too long.

And then there are the problems that stem from its chemical composition – engineered stone gives off toxic fumes when it burns; and prolonged exposure to the dust produced when it’s cut, sanded, ground or polished, is considered a risk factor for the development of silicosis, and other serious medical conditions. These issues might not have an impact on end users, but they’re concerning nonetheless.

Natural stone is incomparable. They add a strong sense of authenticity, with different stones bringing their own aesthetic qualities and physical properties.