ACTIVE 2.0 - Self-cleaning surfaces

The revolutionary ACTIVE 2.0 is fused to MAXIMUM porcelain panels or Fiandre porcelain tiles panels acting in a photocatalytic process that reduces indoor nitrogen oxide and VOC levels, has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-odour properties and is self-cleaning.

MAXIMUM Calacatta Matt. Designed by Tzannes Architects. Photo by The Guthrie Project.jpg

Maximum Calacatta Matt. Designed by Tzannes Architects. Photo by The Guthrie Project

Maximum Travertino Matt 1500x750mm. Built by MJB. Designed by Tim Roberts Design. Photography by Michael Grazzola.jpg

Maximum Travertino porcelain panel cladding. Built by MJB. Designed by Tim Roberts Design.

Zephyr_Lounge_0180 copy.jpg

Maximum Statuario Matt. Design by The Stella Collective. Photography by Peter Clarke.

Maximum Calacatta Matt to walls. The Moreton by Mirvac & Smart Design Studio. Photography by Willem Rethmeier.jpg

Maximum Calacatta Matt to walls. The Moreton by Mirvac & Smart Design Studio. Photography by Willem Rethmeier

MXM Statuario Lilyfield Bathroom Low Resolution (2).jpg

Maximum Statuario Matt bathroom floor and walls by Dom Alvaro

MCP_ARTEDOMUS_SOKO_0318_001 (1).jpg

Maximum Pietra Grey Matt kitchen benchtops and splashback. Design by Cottee Parker Architects and Developed by Spyre Group


Maximum Marmi Statuario Variation A.jpg

Maximum Statuario Variation A (6mm & 12mm)

Maximum Marmi Calacatta Variation D.jpg

Maximum Calacatta Variation D (6mm & 12mm)

Maximum Ice.jpg

Maximum Ice

Fiandre Marmi Lab Michelangelo Matt Bathroom 02.jpg

Marmi Lab Michelangelo Matt bathroom floor and wall with Vieques pedestal basin

Fiandre Urban Dove 15075.jpg

Urban Dove

Artedomus Showroom 3_2020-5.jpg

Fiandre Waterfall Pedestal Basin in Urban Grey with Agape Sen taps and accessories

Fiandre Urban Ivory 15075.jpg

Urban Ivory

Fiandre Urban Anthracite 15075.jpg

Urban Anthracite

Urban White 150x320 12mm (2).jpg

Urban White 12mm

Maximum Pietra Grey.jpg

Maximum Pietra Grey

Megalith MegaWhite.jpg

Megalith MegaWhite

Megalith MegaGriege.jpg

Megalith MegaGriege

Megalith MegaGrey.jpg

Megalith MegaGrey

Megalith MegaBrown.jpg

Megalith MegaBrown

Megalith MegaBlack.jpg

Megalith MegaBlack

The invisible process offers a permanent solution that won’t wear out or wear off and is suitable for internal, external, floor and wall usage. Its antiviral and antibacterial properties, even under LED lights or in the dark, means that it kills bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 and its self-cleaning hydrophilic properties result in little or no need for detergents or physical cleaning, even when used for building façades.

Unlike the many surface materials that call themselves “antibacterial” but simply stop the spread of bacteria, MAXIMUM ACTIVE 2.0 kills bacteria, including E. Coli and MRSA and also kills viruses including COVID-19. ACTIVE 2.0 test results showed the ability of ACTIVE 2.0 to eliminate 94% of SARS-CoV-2 (responsible for COVID-19) after only 4 hours of exposure to low intensity UV light (natural light and traditional light bulbs even at low intensity). This significant result follows the ISO Certificates (ISO 21702 – ISO 18061) already obtained in respect of four well-known viral strains: the H1N1 and H3N2 Pandemic Influenzas, Enterovirus 71 and the Poliovirus. As well as ISO Certifications in the antibacterial field including antibiotic-resistant bacteria (ISO 27447 – ISO 22196).

MAXIMUM ACTIVE 2.0 also severely degrades airborne pollutants such as NOx, all VOCs and odours, physically cleaning the air around it.
The “healthy building” benefits of ACTIVE 2.0 include its 100 per cent natural composition, free of the toxic resins and chemical binders used in engineered stone, and of course, its aesthetic beauty, with colours and markings mimicking natural stone, marble, concrete and more. 

“ACTIVE 2.0 is the singular building product on the market that is a true antidote to sick building syndrome. For business owners, its means less sick leave, greater productivity and greater profitability. And for all of us, it means a greater sense of wellbeing and a healthier life.” – Phil Brenton, Artedomus Managing Director

Please note, ACTIVE 2.0 is offered as an optional addition to standard MAXIMUM porcelain panels and Fiandre porcelain tiles and minimum order quantities apply.

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