Artedomus at DENFAIR 2017

We were excited to be involved in DENFAIR again this year where visitors experienced a sample of our wonderfully diverse range, including our unique, high quality stone, tiles, architectural surfaces, bathware and furniture.

Leading architects and designers from Melbourne and all across Australia visited and saw our latest beautiful products and design classics from Patricia Urquiola, Gwenael Nicolas (Curiosity) and Angelo Mangiarotti below.


Agape Sen towel rail in natural anodised aluminium finish with Cuna bath and Artesserae Elba mosaic in diamond pattern


Agape Sen towel rail, tap and shelf in natural anodised aluminium finish with Bjhon basin and Artesserae Elba mosaic in diamond pattern


Agape Sen towel rails, taps and shelves in grey finish with Bjhon basin, Cuna bath and Artesserae Elba mosaic in diamond pattern with Maximum Gold Onyx


AgapeCasa Eros table with Tre 3 chairs


Agape Sen floor mounted tap and shelf in natural anodised aluminium finish with Cuna bath and Artesserae Elba mosaic in diamond pattern


AgapeCasa Eros table with Tre 3 chairs. Maximum Bright Onyx sign and Artetech Basaltina Grigio porcelain vanity top with Veiques basin, Sen tap in black and Inax 2×1 Inch Hanten and “Polycon“products/polycon mosaics.

Artedomus_DenFair17_42 copy.jpg

Antilia porcelain tiles, Artedomus Natural Stones and INAX mosaics


Agape Baths, Basins, Tapware & Accessories
This distinctive bathware & accessories collection has been carefully selected to complement the unique range of Artedomus. Agape has a passion for quality and innovation that is shared by its extensive network of collaborators including Patricia Urquiola, Angelo Mangiarotti and Gwenael Nicolas (Curiosity) has resulted in many design classics and industry awards.

INAX Mosaics & Architectural Ceramics
Founded with Frank Lloyd Wright, after producing the terracotta for the famous Imperial Hotel, Tokyo in 1924, INAX is recognised for its innovative range of interior and exterior architectural ceramics that embody superb manufacturing and leading designs by traditional artisans.

Artesserae Elba Mosaics
High quality Elba stone mosaics created by and exclusive to Artedomus. Beautiful Elba is one of the most sought after stones the Artedomus range. Coveted by leading architects and designers for its cool grey tones with soft brown markings, Elba is a fine, hard Dolomite found in south-east Europe and was introduced into Australia by Artedomus more than ten years ago and is still available only through Artedomus.

AgapeCasa Furniture
Agapecasa extends the Agape vision to furniture and objects for the home that are refined, functional and modern. Designed by Angelo Mangiarotti, the collection includes chairs, tables & storage units conceived from the 1950s onwards.

Artedomus Natural Stones
For close to 30 years, Artedomus has been sourcing and introducing some of the most beautiful and widely recognised marbles and stones in the design market today. With an expert understanding of stone’s distinctive natural qualities, we only seek out the highest quality stones.

Artetech & Maximum Pressed Porcelain Panels

Our carefully selected, industry-leading range of exclusive colours and finishes is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and is readily available for use from bench tops to exterior cladding. They are extra-large, strong, light, durable, versatile and 100% natural.