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Royal Platinum at Alba House by Studioplusthree

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Royal Platinum

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Royal Platinum

Royal Platinum beautifully replicates natural stone but has the incredible durability of porcelain.

Maximum large format porcelain panels are thin, strong, light, versatile, cost effective and made entirely from natural materials making them environmentally responsible and safe.

This extraordinary, innovative surface offers complete architectural sustainability and unprecedented design flexibility for interior and exterior applications.

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Bench top
Splash back


Panels Length Width Depth Finish
3200mm 1500mm 12mm Natural Nominal panel size (requires trimming). Single pattern
3000mm 1500mm 6mm Natural 4 pattern variations supplied randomly
2700mm 1200mm 6mm Natural 6 pattern variations supplied randomly. Minimum order quantities may apply
Tiles Length Width Depth Finish
1200mm 600mm 20mm Natural
600mm 600mm 20mm Natural
1200mm 600mm 8mm Natural
600mm 600mm 8mm Natural
600mm 600mm 8mm Structured
600mm 300mm 8mm Natural
1500mm 1500mm 6mm Natural Minimum order quantities may apply
1000mm 1000mm 6mm Natural
1000mm 1000mm 6mm Structured
1500mm 750mm 6mm Natural
750mm 750mm 6mm Natural
750mm 375mm 6mm Natural



  • Extra large sizes

    With panels sizes up to 3000 × 1500 × 6mm and 3200 × 1500 × 12mm. The panels are lightweight making them easier to install and handle. Seamless surfaces with less joins.

  • Strong & Durable

    High physical strength, high resistance to scratching, etching, heat and thermal shock which makes it ideal for kitchen bench top installations.

  • Non-combustible

    Ideal for exterior applications and is UV stable so will not fade in direct sunlight.

  • 100% natural & safe

    Made with 100% all natural minerals – sand, quartz, clay, feldspar, recycled content and contain no toxic resins, chemical binders or materials that pose silicosis risk or could add to harmful VOC off-gassing after installation.

  • Natural stone aesthetics

    More than 40 colours, finishes and profiles inspired by natural stones and marbles, to the cool contemporary look of concrete. Includes designs that are incredibly similar to quarry materials without their practical limitations.

  • Outperforms composite & quarried materials

    Stain and mould resistant. Low maintenance requirement due to the material’s low porosity. Manufactured using high-tech Italian technology developed to outperform composite and quarried materials.

  • Low Maintenance

    Active 2.0 is an optional photocatalytic coating developed specifically for MAXIMUM pressed porcelain panels that reduces indoor nitrogen oxide and VOC levels, has antibacterial and anti-odour properties, and is self-cleaning.

  • Antiviral, antipollution, self-cleaning, anti-odour MAXIMUM ACTIVE 2.0 surfaces

    ACTIVE 2.0 for MAXIMUM porcelain panels is antiviral and antibacterial, killing virus particles and bacteria including MRSA and H1N1 swine flu, even under LED lights or in the dark. It severely degrades airborne pollutants, such as NOx and all VOCs, and physically cleans the air around it.


Royal Platinum.jpg

Royal Platinum