Shutter House by State of Kin

20200211_SOK_Shutter House_008.jpg


Sugie Series SU2031 Hanten.jpg

Sugie Series SU2031 Hanten

Biyusai IM50P1 BYA 3.jpg

Biyusai IM50P1 BYA 3

Agape Bathtubs Cuna 02.jpg

Cuna bathtub

Sen ASEN0962 floor mounted tap for basin.jpg

Sen floor mounted tap for basin in black with Vieques basin.

Agape Sen natural anodised aluminium shower and Lithos Virgola Carrara 2.jpg

Sen ASEN0973 horizontal shower head in natural anodised aluminium and Lithos Virgola Carrara

ASEN0958O. Sen natural anodised aluminium wall mounted levers for shower head.jpg

ASEN0958O. Sen natural anodised aluminium wall mounted levers for shower head

Sen - wall mounted levers & spout for basin_4.jpg

Sen wall mounted levers & spout for basin in black

ASEN0958O. Sen natural anodised aluminium wall mounted levers for shower head.jpg

ASEN0958O. Sen natural anodised aluminium wall mounted levers for shower head

Sen ASEN0974 hook.jpg

Sen ASEN0974 hook on Maximum Steel porcelain panels

Sen ASEN0921 400mm shelf in black.jpg

Sen ASEN0921 400mm shelf in black

INAX Sugie Series Japanese mosaics
INAX Byusai Japanese mosaics
Agape SEN tapware and accessories
Agape Bjhon 2 Pedestal Basin
Agape Cuna Bath

At Artedomus, we love working with architects and designers to create custom tiles for their clients and projects. We recently collaborated with State of Kin to achieve the perfect colour INAX tile for the outdoor spaces of Shutter House, as well as supplying white INAX tiles and black and white Agape bathware.

The brief for Shutter House in Perth allowed the design team to experiment with colour and materiality, playing with different applications and possibilities. State of Kin also wanted to showcase local materials and suppliers, and emphasise unique, handcrafted finishes. “We wanted to demonstrate that colour could be sophisticated and mature, and highly successful when juxtaposed against natural materials and a nuanced palette,” says designer Alessandra French.

20200211_SOK_Shutter House_349.jpg

State of Kin created a graphic effect in the bathrooms, lining the walls and floors with INAX Sugie Series tiles in white. Terracotta grout between the tiles accentuates the geometric nature of the design, with a terracotta-coloured ceiling capping the colour combination.

Round iridescent mirrors inject even more colour into the bathrooms, while black and white Agape bathware balances the bold and expressive design. “We adore Agapes products and jumped at the opportunity to specify them in the home. Their architecturally designed pieces are considered and timeless, perfectly suited to Shutter House,” says Alessandra.

20200211_SOK_Shutter House_591.jpg

20200211_SOK_Shutter House_560.jpg

The Cuna freestanding bath designed by Patricia Urquiola is beautifully curved and compact, and encased in a black tubular stainless-steel structure that highlights its form. The Bjohn 2 Pedestal Basin in the powder room has a conical form that stands clear of the tiled wall, and Sen Wall-Mounted Tapware adds a contrasting brushed black aluminium finish, with the taps and shelving integrated in the same unit.

20200211_SOK_Shutter House_140-2b.jpg

20200211_SOK_Shutter House_089.jpg

When the designers were unable to find the right shade of green for the outdoor tiles, they approached Artedomus to help them achieve the perfect colour. We collaborated with the design team and INAX to create a custom-colour Sugie Series tile that would complement the other outdoor materials. This tile has been used on the walls of the courtyard and pool, where it sits alongside concrete-block walls, stringybark façade screens and timber decking.

20200211_SOK_Shutter House_625.jpg

INAX Sugie Series S7736 Hanten to balcony floors

20200211_SOK_Shutter House_551-2.jpg

Inax Biyusai mosaics

“Artedomus allowed us to create a robust, design-focused material palette championing raw and expressive materials. They were a delight to work with and offer exceptional service and insight,” Alessandra says.

Artedomus has a wide range of designs from Agape and INAX. Explore the collections online or visit a nearby showroom. If you can’t find the exact product you need, we would love to work with you to create a custom tile.

DESIGNER State of Kin
PHOTOS Jack Lovel
BUILD State of Kin Constructions
LANDSCAPE Tom Lucey Landscape Architect