Sage House by Carole Whiting

The Local Project presents, in collaboration with Artedomus and New Volumes, an insight into The Sage House by interior designer Carole Whiting. The family home works with the old and the new to create a narrative of handcrafted design, gentle lines and organic materiality.


Elba Honed.jpg

Elba Honed

Agape Bathtubs Vieques White.jpg

Vieques Bathtub

Agape Basins Vieques countertop.jpg

Vieques countertop basin

Dot Line.jpg

Dot Line

Agape Accessories Surf shown over Basin.jpg

Surf Tray in white shown spanning over Basin

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Core Shade Cloudy Natural

Maximum Marmi Taxos.jpg

Maximum Taxos

Sen ASEN0917N 280mm shelf.jpg

Sen ASEN0917 280mm shelf in black

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Ottocento 011 twin basins

“I think a person’s environment is really important and I think that being in a beautiful environment can definitely affect your mood, that’s what interior design does”, says Carole Whiting. “It presents you with an emotion, it’s visceral, it’s something you feel when you walk into a space and you know whether its good design or not intuitively”.

Sage House by Carole Whiting - TLP-02.png

New Volumes Hurlysi side tables by Thomas Coward

The Sage House achieves this through its simple, thoughtfully-designed spaces. With a neutral colour palette and emphasis on natural materials and organic forms, the atmosphere is one of calm and relaxation. The clients wanted “a simple nice environment, they didn’t want to be too showy”, Carole explains. From this brief, a narrative of hand craftsmanship, gentle lines, neutral tones and organic materials was established.

Sage House by Carole Whiting - TLP-17.png

Elba to bench tops and splash back with New Volumes Napoleon & Josephine mortar and pestle by Sarah King

This theme drew Carole to include a wide range of Artedomus products in The Sage House. “This was not by design, it just organically grew”, she says. This began with Artedomus Elba, a beautiful marble with soft grey veining that is unique to Artedomus, used in the living space, kitchen and bathrooms.

Sage House by Carole Whiting - TLP-12.png

Agape Vieques Basin on Maximum Taxos porcelain panel vanity

The main bathroom is extremely open, designed around the Artedomus Vieques bathtub by Patricia Urquiola. “It doesn’t always work out that way but that particular space definitely grew around that gorgeous bathtub” says Carole. Phil Brenton, Artedomus managing director, explains that the Vieques bathtub was design by Patricia Urquiola for a W hotel as a new version of a traditional steel tub. “It’s been around now for 10 years but the old saying is always true, good design lasts forever”.

Sage House by Carole Whiting - TLP-08.png

Elba vanity with Agape Surf tray and Surf accessories

This sense of timeless, understated design is carried through to the kitchen, where Elba is the main work surface providing a gentle counterpoint to the traditional black range and black steel windows. While Elba is a functional surface in the kitchen, it takes on a new artisan quality in the New Volumes designs throughout The Sage House.

Sage House by Carole Whiting - TLP-16.png

Elba to bench tops and joinery elements with New Volumes Napoleon & Josephine mortar and pestle by Sarah King

New Volumes is a collection by Artedomus of unique designs by a diverse group of eight designers including Ross Gardam, Emma Elizabeth and Tom Skeehan. Each designer produced work interpreting Elba in their own unique way. Each is handmade and hand finished, and the natural stone means no two pieces are identical. “They’re unique, each piece is different, each piece of stone is different, it behaves differently but the features of the material come out in the work”, says Phil. “I think the beauty of natural stone, the natural timber and the natural fabrics that are everywhere through the house. I think they just fit together brilliantly”

Sage House by Carole Whiting - TLP-15.png

Elba joinery elements

Carole explains that “it was important to make it feel handcrafted and down to earth. Everything is placed in here as informally as we could so it feels relaxed”. This possibly comes closest to expressing what makes The Sage House so special. Relaxation comes with feeling comfortable and supported in one’s environment, and in The Sage House, one intuitively feels that everything is just as it should be. Not ostentatious or overly decorative, The Sage House exemplifies the power of simple, good design.

Sage House by Carole Whiting - TLP-19.png

New Volumes Hemera lamp by Ross Gardam

Sage House by Carole Whiting - TLP-05.png

Detail of New Volumes Spomenik â…  bowl by Marsha Golemac

Sage House by Carole Whiting - TLP-20.png

New Volumes Hemera lamp by Ross Gardam

Sage House by Carole Whiting - TLP-06.png

Elba featured on bench tops, desk and joinery elements

PRODUCTS Elba stone, Agape Vieques Bath, Agape Vieques Basin, Agape Dot Line Towel Rails, Agape Sen Shelving Accessories, Agape Surf Tray, Agape Surf Accessories, Maximum Porcelain Panels, Core Shade Plain tiles, New Volumes furniture and objects
DESIGNER Carole Whiting
VIDEO Kintaro Studios
WORDS Rose Onans
This article originally featured on The Local Project.