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Breccia Giallo

Breccia Giallo.jpg

Breccia Giallo.jpg

“Deliciously buttery.”

Le Corbusier LCS1



“Man kind needs colour to live.”

Agape Nivis Pedestal Basin by Shiro Studio

Agape Nivis Pedestal Basin

Agape Nivis Pedestal Basin

“Inspired by snow covered landscapes. A celebration of the structure and frailty of the natural world.”

Agape DR Bathtub Inset by Studio MK27

Agape Bathtubs Dr Bathtub.jpg

Agape Dr Bathtub .jpg

““Curvey and organic. Perfect for bathing with company.”

Cotto Manetti Naturale

Cotto Manetti Naturale.jpg


“Raw, earthy, tactile.”

Agapecasa Cavalletto by Angelo Mangiarotti

AgapeCasa Cavalletto units in natural oak and white drawer finish.jpg

Agapecasa Cavalletto

“Timeless shelf system designed in the mid 1950s. Simply held together by gravity without any screws or bolts.”